Monday, December 14, 2009

Joy Comes from the Inside

Kami....showing her joy with her gift of song-
Grandma and Grandpa would be so proud!

"Happy Birthday Jesus"

Seeing Double

And more doubles!

Suzie loves children.
Suzie knows how to talk to children and tell them stories in a way that they really understand.
Suzie teaches kindergarten and we are blessed to have her work with our children both at school and at church.
Suzie had a thing or two to tell all of us, children as well as children at heart.
Suzie's message...
"I have the Children's sermon today at church. I am going to do it on BELLS and how the little ball inside is what makes the joy on the outside ring so loud and clear. Just like us, our joy comes from the inside, from Jesus. Then I'm going to have them muffle the bell, wrap it up in their hands and listen. That's what can happen to us when we let outside things bog us down. Our joy can't come out. Then I'm going to make them promise not to ring the bells in church and let them take them back to the pew with them. Should be interesting. I'm sure Pastor Don won't be too thrilled with random bells sounding off, but OH WELL! JOY JUST CAN'T BE MUFFLED! "

Dear us to show our joy....from the inside....
and not let things on the outside take away our joy!
Please pray for Suzie and her whole family as they are on a difficult journey with her mama. I pray for their peace and acceptance. A Caring Bridge note tonight said so much, "She rallied and came back to us for a brief moment- she looked directly into our eyes and smiled at us. She was very exact on what she was doing- she looked at whomever was talking to her. She gave my dad a kiss and then gave kisses to us all. We needed that- I needed that. Thank you Jesus for helping us with bringing her back for a brief moment that will forever be in our hearts."
The things happening on the outside are weighing heavy on their family right now. I pray that one day, the joy will return. I know from experience that the weight of this is heavy and very painful, and the journey is long and difficult...but as Jesus promised,"Sorrow lasts for the night, but joy comes in the morning".
Thank you Jesus for this promise, and for your hand, holding Suzie's entire family as they pass through the sorrow of the night. In Your name we pray, Amen

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