Sunday, July 25, 2010

Plentiful Harvest

Welcome to our "Little House on the Prairie"

A recent aerial view shows how green everything is

And it shows the fruits of my husband's labor. Old grove, gone, new grove thriving!

This is neighbor Joel's greenery!!

This is Dave's hobby....carefully tilled, planted, cared for, waited for, checked daily for the first "fruits".

And, here they come...

Dinner today consisted of vegetables....ALL vegetables from Dave's garden. Are we not blessed?? Oh, and wouldn't Grandpa Iver be just so proud?? Love you forever, Dad!
I do enjoy the vegetables AND the occasional opportunity to do some photo edits!
Thanking God for the rains, the temperatures and the harvest.

"The Lord will indeed give what is good and our land will yield its harvest."
Psalm 85:12

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Changing Me, Changing You

Let the little children come...

Let the little children teach us to share with those less fortunate...
Let the little children spread the news of God's love...

Let the children blanket the world with love....

Let the children bring it to the foot of the cross...

Let the little children teach the adults.
"Words of life, Words of hope
Give us strength, Help us grow
In this world where e're we roam
Ancient words will guide us home.
Ancient words, ever true
changing me and changing you.
We have come with open hearts
Oh let the ancient words impart."
Blessed to have heard the words of our children....changing me, changing you....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Let the Praises RING!!!

Today we set sail!
We are off to a High Seas Adventure!

The children will come.
The staff will come.
"Oh Lord, to you I give my hands.
Oh Lord, to You I give my feet.
Oh Lord, to You I give my everything.
Oh Lord, to You I give my life"
What a glorious week....a time to teach our children,
"God's word is true!"
To remind our children,
"God's word is comforting!"
We will learn about a special way we are going to "blanket the world" his God's love by making something very special for kids in Africa.
To teach our children,
"God's word is for everyone!"
There are kids in this world who may not know about God's love. We are going to help.
As we make our way on a vast voyage, we will learn that a compass always points one way-North!! Sailors trust the compass to be true...otherwise they'd get lost.
God's word is like a compass. It tells us the truth. It points us in the right direction. We trust His Word to be true...otherwise we'd get lost!!!
The food...always important to Seeds of Faith Church and VBS, has been secured, sorted and prepared to feed this crew!
All is ready to "Let the Praises RING!"
Oh Lord, my God in You I put my trust.
Oh Lord, my God in You I put my hope.
Oh Lord, my God in You I put my trust.
Oh Lord, my God in You I put my hope.
In You, in You I find my peace.
In You, in You I find my strength.
In You, I live and move and breathe.
Let everything I say and do
Be founded by my faith in You.
I lift up holy hands and sing....

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just Me

My friend Michelle tells me she has not seen pictures of me on Choose Joy.
She has not seen what I wore to the wedding.

I most definitely did not wear beige.

I did not sit in the back row.
I danced with the groom.
I danced with the groom's daddy.
I danced with the groom's sister.
I even danced with some of my sisters!
It was a celebration of love, a celebration of family.

"From the first day that I held you and looked into your eyes,
I thought I knew the road ahead but each day brought surprise.

I promised to delight you with new and wondrous things,
but truth be told the delight was mine each time you spread your wings.

I tried to give you freedom yet shelter you from harm,
it would have been so simple just to keep you safe and warm.

But your spirit always boundless needed room for you to soar,
and I watched with awe and pride, as you opened each new door.

Now you’re getting married your life begins anew,
like the moment I first held you my love will go with you."

The Mother of the Groom wore a little black dress, beautiful red roses and a very big smile!