Saturday, November 29, 2008

"It Has Been a Great Ride"

Like I said, no matter what the outcome, I am so proud of you, Tyler. You have been such an asset to the Mustangs. You have been a joy to watch. Today, the end of another chapter....the beginning of a new after football, now on with your Senior year of college, graduation and life! The tears have arrived, hours later, but just know how much I love you . I hurt for you, and I celebrate with you. You have given it your all. You are a wonderful young man. In your words, "It has been a great ride". Love, Mom

Back and forth, back and forth. Tyler made his 34th and final career touchdown, and the extra point kick was good, tying the game 31-31 with 2 minutes left. I didn't get a shot of that clock.
Field Goal....good...with 3.3 seconds remaining in the game. Final score 31-34-
web information:
Mustangs Lose Heartbreaker In NAIA Quarterfinals
Morningside’s hopes of moving on in the 2008 NAIA Football Championship Series were dashed when Lindenwood’s Halley Ferrell kicked a game-winning 25-yard field goal with three seconds left to defeat the Mustangs 34-31 in Saturday’s quarterfinal round action at Elwood Olsen Stadium.
Ferrell, who had missed three field goal attempts earlier in the contest, sent the seventh-ranked Lions into next Saturday’s semifinals with an 11-1 record. Sixth-ranked Morningside, which bowed out in the quarterfinals for the third year in a row, closed the books on a 10-2 season.

Always with a smile...Dad is proud.....doesn't always say it, but he is.
Joe, Barb, Tyler, Christi and AdamTyler and his BFF, Christi

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Lord's Prayer

"When it comes to blessings, I'm richer than most!"

My friend, Marilyn sent me the most beautiful movie. Click on the link to enjoy. Have a most blessed Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with your families and remember the One who makes it all possible. Love, Carol

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Forever Altered

The front cover of my newest creation-

Words that mean a lot to me-

I love all images about coffee, so I have to
collect those too!

I love old keys and tags.

I try to put a little sentiment in each of my creations!

I collect images and file them away...all things red!

All it needs is some tissue paper and words!

More words of wisdom-

Fine Arts-Go for it!

vintage collections, old library card holder and tags!

ART- (ahrt)- Expressing the self in a visual manner: using creativity to make something which reflects the artist's soul.

I can not look at a magazine without tearing out images. I can not look at colors and textures and words and ideas without wanting to DO something with them. I am forever altered. I have been doing this for a few years, but really fell in love with it during my Mom's battle with cancer. I wanted to save every snippet and treasure and thought I was having.

The book on the right has all the words to the verses in Ecclesiastes -
To everything there is a season-A time to sing, a time to sigh, a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to live and a time to die. Too many people are waiting until the sun shines or until it rains or until their ship comes in or the tide has changed, and suddenly time is gone and nothing has happened...except the waiting. Working does not cease, for as each new season arrives, we are in preparation for the coming season. Every season is lovelier than the last and begs us not to wait but to prepare and to make every season a season to be happy.

What I do is begin with a book, any old book...We are fortunate in that our school library discards books from time to time and after the teachers have picked through them for reading purposes, I usually take the rest to the art room where they are destroyed, yet reborn....forever altered. I know some people have trouble with the "destroying books" thing, but I like to think of them being "reborn" in a new and different body! I usually incorporate children, those older looking vintage images I adore, painting, drawing, chalk, rubber stamping, distressing, fibers, brads, whatever sparks my interest at the time.... I try to start with the base of the page before adding decorative elements. I also try to have a two page spread so that an open page matches all the way across the 2 pages. My new friend, Susan, my 50 and fabulous kindred sister, met through the "blogosphere", will adore this project. I hope to see some of her work back at me! You can check out her creations on her blog under my sites of interest "Susan's colorful life".
What has "altered" you in this life? I'd love to hear from you! Just think, one day we will be "reborn" in a new and different body....beautiful in every way!

I am fascinated with the passage of time.
Why does it seem to be going so much
faster as I age?

Back cover

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Athletic Supporter

Well, another weekend, almost shot! I have never been an athlete, but I am definitely an "athletic supporter".♥ That was one of the funniest lines in the movie, "Grease", which I saw when it first came out in 1978!!! Tyler's team, the Morningside Mustangs, from the Great Plains Athletic Conference had their first round playoff game in Sioux City today. They played Baker University Wildcats from Kansas , part of the Heart of America Athletic Conference. Morningside won this round 65-27. It turns out that of the 16 teams remaining in the NAIA, two that were ranked higher than Morningside were beaten out today, so we are hoping we moved up and can now host the next round. It is very costly to host a game, but the fans sure enjoy not having to travel around the country. The 8 teams remaining after today's games, go on to the quarterfinals next Saturday. Carroll, Montana, Sioux Falls, SD, St. Francis, Indiana, Langston, OK., N.W. Oklahoma State, Lindenwood, Mo. ,Cumberlands, Ky, and Morningside remain to go at it for at least one more game. Every game now, could be Tyler's last football game....ever!♥
Wildcats take to the field.
On the way to Tyler's game, we had the radio blasting out the commentary on the West Lyon 1A State Championship game which was going on in Cedar Falls today. Isn't it strange, both teams we met today were the Wildcats! Marissa was fortunate enough to catch a ride with friends. Thank you, Nellie, Tim and Suzie for putting up with her. You are great friends! I hated for her to miss out on a chance to go to the dome! Her last trip there was exactly 4 years ago when she went as a sister. This time, she went as a high schooler, cheering the entire team. In the end, it was not to be. West Lyon lost in a heartbreaking 3-0 game. We are proud of the Wildcats and blessed to be part of such a wonderful school and athletic tradition!
Sister♥ Tyler's team made it to the semifinals his Junior and Senior years.
They lost both years by only one point. Both times, kick an extra point to tie the score and send it into overtime, or 2 point conversion to win. Both times, the boys chose to go for the win and both times, the 2 point conversion failed.

Nice shoes girls! Having a girl is so much different after raising the 2 boys. The boys never had to go shopping to buy matching outfits.

High School friends♥Gotta have the fashion thing going on! Hope you had a great time at the Dome and hope you get to have the chance to go again during the rest of your years at West Lyon! I have been planning my children's sermon for tomorrow....with all the cheering we have been doing, are we remembering to cheer for God? When He provides for us....Yea God! When He loves us no matter what...Yea God! For never, never, never leaving us...Yea God! I'll let you know how all that turns out with the kids cheering in church and all!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thou "ART" the Potter

Erika and Marissa mastering the clay.

Marissa and Marissa finding center.

Ciara and Charles sanding away any imperfections.

Angela opening her clay.

These photos are not new, but they are some of my favorite, and, as promised, WILL show up on their Senior video, and they definitely show what I am up against!!!

There are those days when I have to ask....what in the world am I doing, teaching high school?
What am I doing, covered with dirt, and clay, and paint, and graphite, and my clothes are dirty and I am dirty and so tired? What do you want from me? I am here Lord. Make me a vessel for You. Make me into what You want me to be....oh, and give me joy as I work with these kids. I know somewhere there has to be someone who would appreciate my gifts and talents, but these kids need forming, just like that lump of clay. They need refining and shaping and smoothing loving and nurturing just like the clay. I know they appreciate me (sometimes). How lucky am I? I get to have a small part in their journey. They really are pretty cool and some days....they even like me.
"Thou art the potter. I am the clay".

Lord Make Me A Vessel

Use me Lord to do Your will,
I want to be used in Your perfect plan.
I want You to use my tongue
to spread Your word to everyone I can.
Use my mind so I can think right,
please use my heart so I can love everybody;
I want to be a vessel for You.
Just give me strength to hold on Lord,
to witness to a dying world. You make me strong.
I surrender my life totally to Thee,
So mold me and make me whatever You’d have me to be.
Take me Lord, lead me and guide
my footsteps every step of the way;
I’m asking You, Lord, please make me a vessel,
I want to be a vessel for You.
Use my mind so I can think right,
Use my heart so I can love everybody;
Oh Lord, make me a vessel for You.
Take me Lord, You lead the way
every step I take;
Oh Lord, make me a vessel.... for You......
Grace Johnson spoke at a breakfast I attended, giving a demonstration
comparing us to clay...We start out as a lump! God wants to mold us and
form us and love us and care for us. He loves us so much and makes 
each of us so special.  He says,
"I love you, I love you, I love you, and there is none like you".