Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Party time at daycare. Thanks for the photo, Lindsey!

Friday night, after school, we went to Larchwood to help the kids get ready to trick or treat.
I had to go back to school to work at the school play, then back to Larchwood to get Marissa, then home to Alvord. Friday night....shot.

Two pretty cool looking "Spidermans"!

Marissa might be scared if they weren't so funny!
There are those too pretty to wear a mask! Braylyn visited a couple
of houses, but happiest just chillin' at home.
Calvin let me take a nice close up of his baby blues (the one that was
peeking out anyway),but I couldn't TIE Kavian down! Could it be too much sugar?
Marissa and I put 500 miles on the old van on Saturday, going to Crete, Nebraska for a football game at Doane College. We left at 7:45 a.m. We picked up Tyler's girlfriend, Christi in Sioux City and I talked her into driving some and she took us all the way to Doane. We got a bit lost on the way home and ended up taking the route with more miles, but nicer roads through Omaha. By the time we got home, I was stopping for coffee, stopping for bathroom breaks, stopping to get some air, rolling down the windows, eating...anything to stay awake. Saturday....gone. Sunday morning brought making food for a potluck dinner, getting to church, singing a solo, teaching Sunday School, going to the nursing home to see George (Dave's Dad), then to the Dollar Store (gotta do that) with the twins, then back home, where they were out of their clothes and into their "farm clothes" in two seconds. They had to check the kitties, the corn, the tractor with a flat tire, the 4 wheeler.....busy, busy. Marissa went to open gym and I got peace and quiet for the first time this weekend. Oh, Morningside won the game and Tyler got his 31st and 32nd career touchdowns, and his highest yardage in his career of 117 yards. That made it all worth it, that AND his million dollar smile and big hug AND his many words of "Thanks Mom. I appreciate all you do and for coming to all my games and for all the gas and the food and stuff".....He is a dear one! Two more GPAC games, then we should be on to the playoffs. Morningside has a record of 8-0 but are predicted to be #2 in the conference and we are ranked #4 in the nation!!!! It has been such a fun 4 years......sad to see it be over soon.
I would like to thank God for kids, grandkids, and for weekends, for the wonderful weather, for gas prices coming down. I would like all of you to pray with me for Angela. They are trying to get her fevers under control, get her pnemonia under control and help her get well enough to make the trip to Denver for some serious rehab. Her family could use our prayers too. They are worn. Look at her Caring Bridge website on my left margin under "sites of interest". I would like you to continue to pray for the Ideker and Blauwet families. Their little one, Alec, earned his wings exactly 1 year ago and I know they miss him dearly. So many in our area are battling cancer and other illnesses. Kim's Dad is struggling so. So much to do, so many to pray for....won't you join me in thanksgiving for our blessings and in loving reverence to God, bring Him our prayers and concerns for others. Happy Birthday, Kim! Have a great week!


Diane said...

We all need to remember we have much to be thankful for even through the struggles.
Another busy weekend for you, how do you keep up? Find some time for you in there.
Had a hard time getting to the comment page for the first time. Had to try three times. Wonder what's up?
Have a good week,
God Bless,

Jennifer Dukes Lee said...

Cute costumes! Even cuter kids. Thanks for sharing.