Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cancer Free

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. That's what Marilyn says anyway. I received a letter today from Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center. When I saw the envelope, I had a little flip in my stomach. Not that I had any problems or concerns, but my Dr. wanted me to have this new digital scan that shows any problems better. What if? That flip was for naught....."Your recent Mammography study did NOT show any sign of cancer." Have I ever mentioned my Mom? (Kidding) She was something to behold. Mom's test was not so positive. In August of '04 she was diagnosed with an awful, untreatable, inoperable cancer that would surely take her life. In February of '05, she left us. It was not breast cancer, but the fear of that word remains in my mind and heart. I think of her every day, but lately, it has been a time of thinking of her a lot and missing her a lot. I have been talking about her at school as we are doing a lesson in altering books and embellishments mean "Mom" to me. In an earlier post, I talked about my "stuff" and that Mom had beads, buttons, ribbons, string, knitting needles.....whatever, and she was willing to share. She shared her collection with her daughter, the art teacher. I am now passing it on to my students. She also comes to my mind and heart more at this time of year with the falling leaves. She loved autumn leaves. She had many pictures of "pretty trees" and loved to go for drives in Newton Hills to see them as they were changing.

Mom was so proud of her children. She said often that her children were her greatest joy, and that "When it comes to blessings, I am richer than most" and that any time she could spend with her kids were her happiest times. These photos show her in some of her last days, thin, tired, but with a smile and her trademark lipstick, posing for a photo with each of her children. She loved photos. She knew what these photos would mean to us.
I am very grateful to God for my 47 years with this amazing woman. She is so proud of me. I am grateful for things such as Mammograms. I am grateful to know I am cancer free. I am grateful to be well and healthy at 50. I only hope I can be half the mother she was to us, and I could only hope my children have as much love and respect for me one day. We never know the day. We never know the hour. Live life. (I met Jennifer Dukes Lee today!!!! Until today, she was my "blogosphere" friend. Check her site out on my left margin under "sites of interest". LOVE HER!!!)


Jennifer Dukes Lee said...

... And Jennifer loves you right back!!!
It was so cool to see you today -- twice in fact! I love that we've gotten to know each other through the blogosphere. I love how the Holy Spirit works in you. I love how you share your faith as a part of your everyday life. and I love how how you "Choose Joy" in all things. This post here, "Cancer Free", is just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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