Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blessings of the Day

Calvin and Kavian spent 13 weeks in the hospital.
I always say they are perfect (except for being a little
bit naughty sometimes). God smiled on us for sure!!!

(This one is Kavian)What's a cereal bar, Gamma?

This one is Calvin. Yum, Pizza for breakfast is always good.
Was that before or after the cereal?

Got a lot of farming to do!
They both love to farm!

I love our rug, Gamma! And this pizza!

Who is taller? They know it is Calvin,
but they line up like that all the time
just to check.

Rissa isn't here. We can jump on her bed!
Braylyn Ray! Hi, Sista! Some sweetness added to the mix!

Rissa and her photo shoots! After the hayride, on the ride home...nothing else to do!

It is midnight, Saturday night/Sunday morning. Time to hit the hay. This day has been full, as usual, and I guess I would not like it any other way. I can go to bed knowing that Angela had a better day, that her parents can breathe and see her face and hopefully, catch a smile or two and then maybe catch a few hours sleep. Keep up the prayers. They are being heard. Last night, I brought the twins home with me for a visit, and that turned into an overnight stay. I have so much fun with them, but they keep me so busy with their antics, their questions, and their comments. I just happened to have time in the car today on the way to a football game, and I tried to write down some of their sayings. "Why you doing that? Grandma, I'm done! I'm a big boy. Hey, they go to our church! Where's Mom? Kavians unders are on backwards. Where's Gampa going? I'm going outside. Can we ride the 4 wheeler? I want cereal. Only on the deck. He took my wagon. Where's the tractor? Those are girl socks. I want that one. Can we watch combines on the puter? Can I sleep in your bed, Gamma? Can we watch 4 wheelers in the mud? I love you so much. It's cold out. I want pizza. Hey, wheres the sheeps? I like it at your house. You have to stand in the corner. I didn't do it. The kitty is in the house. I help you. I like the Hawkeyes. Where is Jasawn? I sleept on the top bunk. Why is Gampa and Ris going to bolleyball? I don't like it. I do! I'm being good. You're not coming to my birthday. Daddy's here! Hi, sister! Bye Gamma! See you at Sunday School. Our teacher is a different Carol! Whew!!! What a rush! Feed someone, clean them up, chase someone, clean them up, sweep the floor, go to the basement to get the farm set, feed someone, get someone a drink, pick up the toys, sweep the mud out, chase the cat out of the house, make the beds, get a snack, pick up more toys, sweep some more, do the dishes, give lots of hugs and goodbyes, then, off to Sioux City for the game. Glad to see Tyler back in uniform. They didn't play him a lot, but the guy on the radio said it was a good game for Tyler to "get his feet wet" after a couple of weeks out with an injury. Morningside won 38-7, had a little to eat with Tyler and Christi, raced home, changed clothes, then off to the hay ride at Bruggeman's. The twins came to meet us and we took them with us. More questions, more fun! We took them home, tried to wrestle them into jammas and into bed. "Hey, Gamma, wanna see our new bunkbed? Daddy made a deck"!They were just loud enough to wake up Sista. She was happy for another chance to snuggle with Mom. We said our prayers and said our goodbyes. I am so very blessed by my boys and so grateful that they want to spend time with this old Gamma! They love to come to our house, they love to bound out of the house and yell, "GAMMA!" when I drive up. They are a lot of work, but a different kind of work than when my own kids were small. Thank you God, for the blessings of the day. Good night.

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Anonymous said...

Such a busy mom and grandma...your energy is amazing! Look how far the twins have come! Just an ordinary miracle the song says! AMEN!
Love ya,