Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Brothers and Sisters-We miss you, Susie

Tom, Darese and Gia

Just Married - We have a new sister!!!

Always a "pose" with Marissa

Tyler and Tom - similarities - kindred spirits

Lots of Laughs when you come home

We have been told we look a LOT alike!

Today is your day, Tom (Tommy, Tom the Bomb, Virgil). Happy Birthday to you in South Carolina. Most of the pictures I have posted show how much fun we have when you come home. We are so happy that we get to see you more and so happy that you are moving home soon!!!!! Lets see....Myrtle Beach, S.C. to Beloit, IA. There really is no place like home!!!!!
We welcome your lovely bride, Darese, and all of her kids into our family. With a large brood like ours, there is always room for more. Mom always could make room for can we!!! We love you. We love Darese and Gia and Devon and we are so happy to be seeing you more. Happy Birthday from across the miles, but always close at heart! Love you, Carol

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are You Ready for Some Football?

This is posted on the Morningside College web site: "Morningside Colleges Tyler Childress, a 5-11, 210 lb. senior running back from Alvord, Iowa, has scored 27 touchdowns during his Morningside career to put him one TD shy of Morningside’s record of 28 career touchdowns by Mitch Allner, who played at Morningside from 1996-99. Childress is already the Mustangs’ record holder with 24 career rushing touchdowns.
Childress has rushed for 1,438 yards and a school-record 24 rushing touchdowns during his Morningside career. His 1,438 yards rushing is the eighth highest total in Morningside history. He is 93 yards behind the Mustangs’ seventh place total of 1,531 career yards by Nate Cole, who played at Morningside from 1983-85.
Childress was the Mustangs’ second leading rusher last season when he ran for 366 yards and a team-high six touchdowns.
He ran for a career-high 777 yards and a school-record 15 touchdowns during the 2005 campaign. Childress topped the 100-yard mark three times; including a game-high 106 yards in the Mustangs’ 54-21 win against Evangel in the quarterfinals of the NAIA Playoffs.
Childress earned first-team Class 2A all-state honors as a defensive back from the Iowa Newspaper Association (INA) and the Des Moines Register as a senior at West Lyon High School. Childress, who was also a fourth-team Sioux City Journal All-Northwest Iowa selection, rushed for 1,655 yards and 13 touchdowns and averaged 7.9 yards per carry during his senior season."

Tyler is a Senior at Morningside! He has worked so hard in high school and in college, running, lifting weights, working out year around. He has 2 records in the books there already....most rushing touchdowns in a single season, most rushing touchdowns in history, and with a couple more this year (we hope), he will have his 3rd record of most touchdowns of any kind, rushing or receiving, in Morningside history. Games have taken us to Nebraska quite often, one time to Indiana, one time to North Dakota, once to Montana, and we are hoping for a trip to Georgia in December. We go to all the games and really enjoy watching him and the Mustangs. We pray for no injuries, and for the best season they can have. Tyler is also doing well in academics and is looking forward to graduating in the spring and getting out into the business world. Good Luck Tyler. #33 Rocks! I love you so much, Mom

Monday, August 25, 2008

It's How You Live

Audrey Caroline Smith

Beautiful Audrey Caroline.....and this is "Point of Grace" with their backups, Marissa, Mariah, Aurelie and Megan. Marissa and I, along with many church friends attended the Point of Grace concert in Sioux Falls recently. You know, I have been so affected ever since. I loved the concert, I loved the music, I loved being in that auditorium with so many believers, I loved sharing it with my daughter, I loved the things they had to say, and I fell in love with a baby named Audrey Caroline who was to be born the following day to Todd and Angie Smith. She was deemed "incompatable with life" earlier on in the pregnancy, but they chose to carry her to whatever term God had in store for them. The entire audience was silent for a few moments and it was so powerful as we lifted their family up in prayer. Audrey Caroline was born the next day, and they rejoiced that she was born alive, they rejoiced that she had a "squeak" for a cry, they rejoiced that she was here, they rejoiced that she breathed, they rejoiced that they were given the honor of bathing her and dressing her and holding her and breathing her in, they rejoiced that their family got to spend time with her, their 3 daughters got to hold her and talk to her and kiss her, they rejoiced that she was over 3 lbs. and Angie even rejoiced that she had been given the honor of carrying her and she was so proud to carry the scar...a reminder of where Audrey once lived. I am excited for the new song coming out soon, by Selah (Audrey Caroline's daddy, Todd is the lead singer in Selah). It is called "I Will Carry You". If you go to and type in Audrey Caroline to search, you will get to see the video of her short life with the song, "I will Carry You", not out to the public for purchase yet. Audrey Caroline lived only 2 1/2 hours, but her mom said, "the clock was insignificant. We knew you deeply....a lifetimes worth." You know, it makes me think that I do not do enough rejoicing for what I have. My friend, Marilyn, gave me a new Point of Grace CD for my birthday and I just love it (and Marilyn too!). They have such a gift of harmony and sweetness and they just give me joy!!!!! Thanks, Marilyn! If you want to read the journey of Audrey Caroline, look on my "Sites of Interest". It is called "Bring the Rain". If you go to that blog , choose a link that lets you start at the beginning of the story. You will be blessed. You will be affected. You will be changed. Oh, the song playing is "How You Live" by P.O.G. " Wear your red dress, use your good dishes, make a big mess and make lots of wishes. Kiss all your children, go see your folks more, give to the needy, don't hold in your anger or leave things unspoken." Powerful words.....It's how you live. Please say a prayer for Isaiah Peters. Check out his link to the left under my "sites of interest". He has had quite a battle, and tomorrow promises to be a long hard day for them, but he is fighting and winning! Go, team Isaiah! They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength! Order a team Isaiah
T-shirt at that site too, in anticipation of his homecoming in the next few weeks! LOL to a little boy who has my heart! Hugs to Anne, Jon, and Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Ron! Love you! I have been told that people love my music selection and you can open my blog and just leave it open and it plays through my list of songs! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

One Last Party (for real this time)...................

Kavian and sister Braylyn

Calvin and Braylyn

I think I had my last birthday party (hopefully not my LAST, just for this year anyway), last night at Dan and Darcy's house. It was an end of the summer, last hurrah before fall, school, football, volleyball, cross country, summer birthday, celebrate life kind of party. Lots of good food and Dan at the grill.....awesome! Thanks for hosting Dan and Darcy. Your home is always so much fun and you always make it, "the more the merrier" for everyone. It used to be the "hang out" for Tyler and most of the area kids over the years....seems kinda sad all the kids are grown up and gone, but you always have a lot of friends to celebrate with, and I know you welcome all the kids back whenever they are in the area. And, what about that bun.......isn't it in the oven? Thanks for making another memory! Today, the grandkids came over and I got out the camera. Gotta love those babies! Love, Carol

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mud Puddles

What is more fun on a hot day than making mud puddles? No toys needed. Dirt, water, watering cans, a bucket and some garden tools is all we need. Look at those little faces....sheer, unbridled joy! This construction project leaves lots of piles of dirt to climb on and in, but Calvin and Kavian are just fascinated with this little spot of dirt under the shade tree that simply refuses to allow grass to survive.

I'll get the water! Wait for me!

It takes a lot of water to make this tree grow. Calvin just loves this watering can! Look! Dirt plus water makes mud!!!!! Fun!
Kavian is checking on the progress of "the puddle". It definitely needs some stirring....and more dirt!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Set of Wheels

First day of school, first day of your freshman year, first set of wheels....1993 Dodge Colt...a hand me down of sorts, driven by an uncle and at least 2 cousins. We have had it for a while, just waiting until the right time to add it to the insurance. The first day of high school must be the "right time". Marissa is on the road.......LOOK OUT WORLD! Please drive carefully DD! Love, Mom

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Farm Mural

I am posting another of my murals I did this spring. Those of you who know the story behind this one, it has a special meaning to me. It was a labor of love and it will always be the mural I painted for Lauren Grace. Those who don't know the story, sorry to leave you out, but I don't feel I can post the whole story. I plan to do a farm theme in Calvin and Kavian's room. I even went so far as to lie down in their bunk bed, on the bottom bunk where they always sleep, and we talked about painting animals on the slats above them so they could look at them when they go to bed. They have NOT forgotten it either. Grandma had better get it done and SOON! School starts tomorrow. Yippee!!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The REAL day is here!

Not enough room for THAT many candles!

Kavian knew what to do!

Calvin helped Grandma too!

Tell me when!

Braylyn says, "Hey, why can't I have cake?"

Last night, I was in bed and heard singing at exactly midnight. Marissa was singing to her mama on her birthday. That was so sweet, Marissa. Thank you! Today in church, I was greeted by the twins saying, "Happy Birthday, Grandma!", and my daughter-in-law announced at prayer time that it was my 50th birthday. I heard quite a few chuckles, but it really has not been kept secret. The funny thing is....there are 4 Carols in church and 2 of them came up afterwards and said it should have been made clear WHICH Carol is turning 50! I got some very nice cards and gifts and lots of hugs, and "You don't LOOK 50" and "You are looking so great" and "Hope I look like that when I'm 50" and "I never would have guessed it"! Brandon and Brittany came over for dinner and to help with the wall construction project. We really got a lot done. We put up the last wall and got some fill dirt and got ready for one piece of concrete to be poured this week. I made a nummy angel food cake and Marissa frosted it and found some candles(let's just say she couldn't find enough for me, and we really didn't want to char the cake anyway). The boys loved the cake and I let each of them blow out some candles and they sang to me. It was a very nice birthday. Tyler was in Sioux City today at football, and Christi went that way to be with him when he was done, so they couldn't be with us. We missed them, but we understand! Now, I thought maybe this was the last celebration, but we have a grillout at the Gerbers next weekend to celebrate the summer birthdays....guess that's me! Let the celebrating continue!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Birthday Greetings

I went to our Class of "76 website today because I figured there would be something about my birthday on there. My friend, Diane Johnson (her blog on my list of favorites), operates our West Lyon Class of '76 website (that is listed in my favorites too). She honors all of her classmates and has kept us all together, informed and connected. I told her she was just like our mom or a mother hen keeping all her chicks together. Anyway, she had me on her list of honorees this weekend. Joan and I share the same birthday, so Diane found a few pictures of us to share. I have been hearing that Madonna is turning 50 and "Is she the new Fab at 50 ?" When I went on line to read up on her, I found a photo show of many stars turning 50 this year, Michelle Pfeiffer, Addie MacDowell, Alec Baldwin, Annette Bening, Michael Jackson, Angela Bassett, Kevin Bacon, Andrea Bocelli, Ellen De Generes, Prince, Sharon Stone, Holly Hunter, Drew Carey, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tanya Tucker and Marg Helgenbergen (better known to me as the redhead on CSI). Anyway, they all look very good, so I am happy to be in this birthday group. Hey, I'm still kickin' and choosing to find joy as often as I can. I have been blessed with an amazing family, friends, job and church family. I thank God for his gift of my life! Here's to the next 50!!!! Love, Carol

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Building Walls

Dave called in the professionals to get the job done.
We had to wait an extra day because of the rain.
The next day, the forms came down and the walls were up!

Wow! Doesn't it look awesome? Now, all we need is some fill dirt, some top soil, some plants moved, some steps and a sidewalk! Oh, and the cement in front of the garage....oh, and the retaining wall....oh, and the ground leveled out....oh, and the tree down....oh, and the fire pit redone....

Big accomplishment! Thanks, Dave!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Very Vintage

Various stages of wallpaper in the stairway.

Doesn't look like this could be on the inside of my house, but it is!

What would you do? Our house is 100 years old. The wallpaper in the stairway is so old....the flowers are worn off around the light switches and along the hand rail. I have tried various things over the years, but mostly just left it alone, unable to tackle the job that it is. I have tried to paper the parts I can reach, just to make it look better when I open the stairway door. I have tried to paper just the top landing and leave the stairway alone. There was a small hole in the plaster, the plaster was bowing away from the lathe, and I thought I could just remove a small piece, put a new piece of sheetrock into that space and paper over it.....that little hole grew and grew and became a whole wall. If I ever do get it sheetrocked, I don't know how in the world to paper all the way to the top.

Here is the upstairs hallway paper I did when Tyler was born (he is 21). I am doing a neat technique I thought I would share with you. I take down the visibly loose pieces of wallpaper, as many layers as are loose, rip then off, then paint right over the paper, no matter if it is rough or pieces are missing.

After I paint a section, while paint is still wet, I press a piece of tissue paper into the paint, then immediately paint over it again. The first layer of paint acts like the adhesive. Sometimes, the rolling over the wet tissue paper causes it to peel off right with the roller. I just put more layers of tissue paper on top of the hole.

Rough patches and holes are hidden by the texture of the paper. I have seen this technique done, painted tan, then after the paint dries, put a second layer of glaze or water mixed with brown paint on top and then wipe some of it off with a damp rag. This leaves the darker color in the folds giving more dimension as it brings out the texture. I left it just one color.

The finished product with a row of vintage paper and some of my treasures.

Much better. I am going to do the same thing to the ceiling when my neck can take it. (Sorry Michele! I will see you soon!) Next project.....the stairway needs sheetrock!