Friday, August 8, 2008

Another Party !

Dave, how did you pull this one off?
Had a lot of help from Brittany.

Joselyn, Calvin and Kavian ran and ran and ran!

Older than dirt???
Joel and Marilyn, just off the plane and still, fresh as a daisy!

My beautiful Mother-in-law always there for me

Friends and neighbors came to help me celebrate.
Sorry, Beth was behind the camera. Thanks for the
photography. I'll have to get a picture of you too!

Harlan, Roger and Dave

Hey, let me in the picture!

Sweet Sisters....Linda and you Kristy and Susie too!

Tony and Mary...Happy 50th to Tony too!

Jade, Megan and Marissa

Elaine and Braylyn

Happy to have my whole family with us to celebrate before we get back to school and Tyler starts football practice. Thanks to all for coming, for the cards and gifts and one more memory!
Did I tell you that it is a time of firsts? This summer, white water rafting, pouring concrete, getting a pedicure, and now, my very first surprise party. I will have another first when the time is right...I will be a half century in 8 days.


Susie said... did they pull it off? Happy Birthday, sweet sister. I am sorry I couldn't be there but with the internet, you were able to bring the party to me...thanks for sharing.

The pictures appear differently from afar, yet things remain somewhat the same.....Linda is still trying to give instructions, Ginny is striking a pose, the kids are running around, and the guys are kicked back for 'the guy' photo, and WHERE ARE THE BOYS(brothers)? And how come us Nichols girls always wear a blouse over our tank tops? Other women wear just plain shirts without all that cover up - LOL!!! Perhaps it's because we were always cold as growing up......would one of you sisters please help me answer this question? (for any of the above to mean anything to anyone, you had to be there) LOL!!!

Then there is Carol ~ the birthday girl ~ a moment to honor you, the wife, the mother & the grandmother ~ Your family is growing ~ how lovely! And then there is Carol ~ trying to get in every photo ~ but isn't that the way it's supposed to be for the 'birthday girl'?

I will always love celebrating my birthday. It is the day that God brought us to this earth and it should be celebrated!!! So glad you were able to Celebrate You!!!

Much Love, Sister Susie

Diane said...

How fun being surprised! Chalk one up for your family. My 50th was during the school year and my co-workers and students did it up well.
Then we had a flood that night in town so I woke up to about 18" of water in my basement on my first full day as a 50 yr old. Cleaning things up, carrying up wet stuff from the basement, it made me feel every one of those 50 years! At least school was cancelled!
Happy Early 50th,