Sunday, August 17, 2008

The REAL day is here!

Not enough room for THAT many candles!

Kavian knew what to do!

Calvin helped Grandma too!

Tell me when!

Braylyn says, "Hey, why can't I have cake?"

Last night, I was in bed and heard singing at exactly midnight. Marissa was singing to her mama on her birthday. That was so sweet, Marissa. Thank you! Today in church, I was greeted by the twins saying, "Happy Birthday, Grandma!", and my daughter-in-law announced at prayer time that it was my 50th birthday. I heard quite a few chuckles, but it really has not been kept secret. The funny thing is....there are 4 Carols in church and 2 of them came up afterwards and said it should have been made clear WHICH Carol is turning 50! I got some very nice cards and gifts and lots of hugs, and "You don't LOOK 50" and "You are looking so great" and "Hope I look like that when I'm 50" and "I never would have guessed it"! Brandon and Brittany came over for dinner and to help with the wall construction project. We really got a lot done. We put up the last wall and got some fill dirt and got ready for one piece of concrete to be poured this week. I made a nummy angel food cake and Marissa frosted it and found some candles(let's just say she couldn't find enough for me, and we really didn't want to char the cake anyway). The boys loved the cake and I let each of them blow out some candles and they sang to me. It was a very nice birthday. Tyler was in Sioux City today at football, and Christi went that way to be with him when he was done, so they couldn't be with us. We missed them, but we understand! Now, I thought maybe this was the last celebration, but we have a grillout at the Gerbers next weekend to celebrate the summer birthdays....guess that's me! Let the celebrating continue!!!


Diane said...

Happy Birthday Carol!!!
Sounds like you have some lasting memories of your 50th. I think your celebrating lasted all summer long with the Idaho trip, surprise party, family and friends get togethers... I guess that's the answer, Celebrate life and it's a surprise party everyday!

Melinda said...

Happy Birthday Carol! I hope you had a fabulous day. It's back to school tomorrow. :(