Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Set in Stone (sort of)

Marissa and Dave handling the mixer!Hey, look what I can do!!!
Teamwork....yes, really! Success!!!
Today, I promise not to be so sappy. I caused quite a flood with some of my readers, and with myself! No tears with this one. Dave and I actually completed a task without fighting! That is a good one!!! We poured footings for our retaining wall. I don't know that I have ever done that, so I guess it is are never too old to learn. Of course, it brought back some memories of my childhood. Didn't Dad once pour concrete into his boot and not bother to get it out until he got home? If I remember right, we couldn't get that boot off and something or other led to a serious infection. We were careful to get it washed off right away, and we shall see tonight or tomorrow how my body handled all that lifting and stooping. I asked Dave if I was doing pretty good and he said, "Not bad at all for 50".........I will take that as a complement. I take them from him anyway I get them! Love, Carol

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