Saturday, August 16, 2008

More Birthday Greetings

I went to our Class of "76 website today because I figured there would be something about my birthday on there. My friend, Diane Johnson (her blog on my list of favorites), operates our West Lyon Class of '76 website (that is listed in my favorites too). She honors all of her classmates and has kept us all together, informed and connected. I told her she was just like our mom or a mother hen keeping all her chicks together. Anyway, she had me on her list of honorees this weekend. Joan and I share the same birthday, so Diane found a few pictures of us to share. I have been hearing that Madonna is turning 50 and "Is she the new Fab at 50 ?" When I went on line to read up on her, I found a photo show of many stars turning 50 this year, Michelle Pfeiffer, Addie MacDowell, Alec Baldwin, Annette Bening, Michael Jackson, Angela Bassett, Kevin Bacon, Andrea Bocelli, Ellen De Generes, Prince, Sharon Stone, Holly Hunter, Drew Carey, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tanya Tucker and Marg Helgenbergen (better known to me as the redhead on CSI). Anyway, they all look very good, so I am happy to be in this birthday group. Hey, I'm still kickin' and choosing to find joy as often as I can. I have been blessed with an amazing family, friends, job and church family. I thank God for his gift of my life! Here's to the next 50!!!! Love, Carol

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