Tuesday, August 5, 2008

This one's for you Dad.

PVT. Iver Nichols and his mother, Ruby - 1943

I am missing my Dad today. August 5 was his birthday. His mom, who we called Nonnie, had the same birthday too! Funny, I thought of him today,as my friend, Diane told us her mom and dad were coming today. She was so excited to see them. I told her to enjoy every minute with them as I am an orphan. He has been gone 19 years and I can still see him smoking his hand rolled cigarettes. He really didn't smoke them much. He mostly hung them out of his mouth, and he must not have drawn on them, because they would go out and there would be some spit marks going down them. Then he would pull out his lighter, take a drag, usually burn a little hole in his shirt (it usually had holes in it anyway). He usually had his glasses halfway down his nose, and one eye would be squinted against the smoke as it curled up the side he had it hanging from. He also usually had a cap on cockeyed to one side or the other. We would come home and he would be in the kitchen tinkering with some junk. He stripped motors and things and sold the scrap to Pitts in Sioux Falls. Anyway, I don't remember mom getting mad about his messes...maybe she just kept it to herself or maybe I blocked it out. He usually had some country music playing full blast. I also can just see him, smell his cologne, and feel him as he held me in a tight hold as we danced the polka. He used to take me along with him and mom to dances on the weekends if I was without something to do or had experienced some heart breaking break up. They LOVED to dance! They kept it up all night. Dad was just sweating away, but loving every minute of it. Mom died 3 years ago and I remember her being ready and wanting to go when pastor Ron asked her, "Well Elvina, are you ready to go on a journey? What do you want?" She said "I want to see my Mother, my father, my sister, and the father of my children." She loved you Dad. With all the years of hardship, there was love. With all the years of her scraping every dime together to feed her family, she loved you Dad. Her journal said, "Please bury me on the hill in Beloit beside the father of my children". She loved her children and she loved you for giving them to her to love. She always said, "When it comes to blessings, I'm richer than most". Life was hard, but it was harder without you. I have no doubt that you and Mom are dancing in heaven. Who knows, maybe when you met Mom at the gate, you ran to her, hugged her, and gave her your little pat on the butt!!! Love you Dad and Mom! Carol


Melinda said...

Beautiful memories Carol. I know how much you miss them both.

PS-Today is my birthday too. :-)

Diane said...

That was beautiful Carol. Even made me tear up a little. What a blessing that you have such vivid memories and now also have them written down to pass onto your own kids. Makes you wonder what your kids will remember when you and Dave are "dancing in heaven" doesn't it?

P.S. My folks got here fine. We went to an auction today and tomorrow I'm taking them to a casino!

Susie said...

An unexpected note came across my email today that stirred the memories, deep in my soul. I was reading the description of our father and smiled as I remembered some of those little details that had been forgotten with time.

I thought about how elequently it was written when tears of tenderness began to flow down my cheeeks; an outward demonstration of my heart overflowing with love.

Each of us sibllings could write a story of our childhood memories, but for now, I am glad it was you. It was a few moments in time that I felt like I was home, sitting in your living room and thumbing through a scrapbook. I am not one to do scrapbooking but it does help me to drift towards home. I need to stop by for a visit.......

OMGoodness!!! Consider what one has to go through these days to accomplish such a task - it's the Bloggers & Blogger Buzz & Baby Blog & new user names and passwords......phew!!! What in the world would our parents think of all this??? LOL!!!

But what a wonderful tool to communicate a story and to be able to express what is held within the heart....and it's lovely.

Oh, and Carol, not to worry about everyting falling apart at 50 - we are the Nichols Kids, remember? ha/ha. It could be worse! We could have someone else's genes!!

Thank-you, Carol. I love you. Susie

Love, Susie

Linda said...

Carol--what can I say to tell you how much I appreciate you and your beautiful work. I am so glad that you took the time to remember our DAD and NONNIE and of course our MOTHER too. All of those memories brought the tears flowing and you told them so vivid that I could just see it. We had some hard times but we had some great ones too.
I am so proud of you and you know that mom and dad were proud of you too. You are a special person with many special things about you.
Dad would have been 85 and I can't remember the year Nonnie was born but she has been gone for 37 years. Seems like she was in her early 90's but not sure of that.
That big 50 is getting closer and hope we can see each other some time soon. I really miss the FAMILY and wish we could see each other more. Love to you and all the family. SISTER LINDA

Anonymous said...

Terrific, that' s exactly what I was seeking for! You just spared me alot of work