Thursday, August 7, 2008

Show your piggies some love!

Brittany took Marissa and I out for a pampering treat for our birthdays.....our first ever pedicure!!!! We had a wonderful time laughing and taking pictures and shopping and eating at Applebees. The guy that worked on me was Robert and he called me "Mama". He told me that I should have started earlier than 50 to have a pedicure, but he said I had pretty nice feet.

My man, Robert! What an artist! He said, "I no artist".

When I told Robert that I was taking these pictures to put on my blog, he said, "$50.00 extra for pictures". I told someone that this was another first for me....white water rafting, laying cement, having a pedicure....they said, "What's next? Skydiving?" We thought maybe that sounded like a pretty good plan. Thanks for the fun Brittany. Marissa, you should be set for school now....volleyball shoes, jeans, tops, dress pants, head bands, nail polish, a new room, AND a pedicure. Now it is time for high school!!!!


Diane said...

What a neat gift and memory maker! Also, you are brave to post a photo of your feet on your blog for all to see.
I have ugly feet, one of many reasons I've never had a pedicure.
I dropped a 40" x 36" metal drawer on my foot last week so it's purple, yellow, black and puffy right now. Actually it's looking better than it did last weekend.
I did have a foot massage on a cruise to Alaska and that was heavenly...

Susie said...

Well, Carol. I am so happy you had this experience. Some of us spoil ourselves and have it done on a routine basis. Sad story that we have to pay somebody (and it's a lady) to rub our legs and play with my feet!!! Who thought this would make us happy at our age, huh?