Friday, July 31, 2009

Grandpa Dave

Remember when I said that grandparenting is sort of like a "do-over"?

You get to teach them things and have time to marvel at their discoveries.

You get to sit with them and they really think you know what you are talking about!

They come to you for advice.

They value your time and attention.

They love to wrestle with you!

Grandpa Dave has more time to play.

He has more laughs-

He has more bear hugs!

Who needs a playground? Grandpa IS the playground!

He always has room on his lap-

He is a soft place to land when you have just played enough!

He doesn't like to admit such things, but he has a very tender spot for those grandbabies of ours.

Even when it's a girl!

I don't have any wrestling pictures of Braylyn and Grandpa, but pretty soon, she will be right in there playing with the boys!

She doesn't want to miss out on anything!

They do wear Grandpa out!

The really nice thing we have heard many times from others....when you get your fill (sometimes, it is overflowing)....when you get really, really tired...they get to go home to their house and you have time to regroup until the next visit.

"Farming" with Grandpa will hold lifelong memories-

Life is a bit slower than it was when we had 3 little ones and we were working 24/7.

God knew parents could not be he created Grandparents! He gave them more time, a slower pace and MUCH more patience than when we were raising our own kids. What a blessing! AND, what a blessing that our Grandkids have Grandpa Dave. They will cherish him always.
Brandon, Kavian, Calvin and Grandpa Dave-more "farming"-

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Angel's Lullaby

Richard Marx says, "I was never alive, until the day I was blessed with you." -Angel's Lullaby

I thought I could never love anyone as much as my own children, but grandchildren put a whole new kind of love into your life! It is like watching your own children be little once again, and getting a "do over". I have more time and more patience. I think I was put on this earth to help with my grandchildren. They are a great blessing! Thank you God for these "gifts".

We have been friends together in sunshine and in shade.-Caroline Norton
Sometimes it is hard to give up old friends....friends who have been with us through thick and thin, in times of sorrow and times of joy, helping us get some much needed rest, a comfort in times of trouble. Celebrating with grandbaby, Braylyn, on day two of saying goodbye to her old pal, her pacifier.
We have had to tear the cushions off the couch and rip through the toybox to find one in times of crisis. There HAS to be at least 2 in the diaper bag, just in case one is misplaced. Grandpa Dave even went out on the 4 wheeler one day in search of one that she had dropped when they went out to check the pumpkin patch. Grandpa can't stand the meltdowns. I will have to say that her mom has kept her very fashionable....especially for church....matching her pacifier to her outfit!
We have quite a few pictures to remember this time....

It is time to say goodbye to this phase as we enter into another.....Braylyn is talking, walking, running, dancing, laughing, giving so much joy to those who love her.

Now we can see her beautiful face and smile that lights up the world.
You are precious, my little red haired girl. Love you forever!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Foto Friday

OR, Photo Phriday...whichever suits you! I have been having lots of fun altering photos and I seem to be stuck on Sepia as being my favorite. I use a very simple program called PhotoScape and I haven't even touched the surface of what it can do. My daughter, Marissa is very good at it, but in her absence, I have been playing.

Marissa is returning home tonight after a week long trip with the Seeds of Faith Youth Group to Kansas City. They were not allowed cell phones, so we have lots and lots to catch up on! I can't wait to see her!

....During Bible School, I took a couple of photos with my friend, Sandy. She is a photographer (, and an amazing one at that. She is also my former student, my Christian sister and my friend, and I think she is just so gorgeous, inside and out and I cherish our friendship, which began somewhere in the 1980s when she was a student in my art class.

One of my first graduating classes at West Lyon. Becky, Sheila, Me, Sandy and Aurelie
We definitely had the hair going on!

Beautiful Sandy- Senior Picture

Still a a beauty. That Todd is one lucky man!!

20 years later!!!! YIKES!!!
Sandy took a "Senior Picture" of me and I altered it a bit. The sad thing really IS a SENIOR picture!

So happy to have Beth (Carolan) McSpadden and her beautiful girls home for bible school.

Double Double Trouble...both sets of twins at our church will be in preschool in the fall.
Have a blessed weekend! Hope you enjoyed my PHOTO PHRIDAY!
Faith...Family...Friends....that's really what it's all about!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Faith is sending your baby girl on a week long mission trip to Kansas City and she does not have her cell phone so you can check in with her every day!

Faith is trusting God with our youth and trusting some dedicated adults to lead and guide these young lives!

Faith is trusting in a God who would bring this boy from 2 lbs. 3 oz. to a "praising God" singer!!!

And faith is his twin brother, who weighed just ounces more, now a healthy, happy 4 year old, enjoying bible school and looking forward to preschool in the fall.

I recently re-shared my story of 5 years ago with a friend. Now that I am on the other side, renewed, accepting, marveling, praising, it doesn't seem so traumatic. I was held by a cloud of overwhelming sadness, sorrow, loss, inescapable darkness. I did not think about it at the time, but I know that God walked that dark path with me. As I went through surgery, sadness, weight gain, health concerns, some more sadness and sorrow, He walked right beside me, carrying me at times, coaxing me to get back up, to keep going, to keep looking up. That is faith, friends. When I lost my faith, He did not leave me. When I lost my faith, my amazing friends kept it up for me. I thank God for my friends, my family, and for His amazing love and grace that can see us through just about anything. Faith is surviving the loss of the world's finest mama and friend. Faith is knowing that she is well, free from pain, singing with the angels, rocking all kinds of babies, and knowing I will see her again one day.
Of course there is a song for everything in my world. This bible school series has some amazing songs, and, as usual, I can be heard singing most any time of the day (or night).
God is always with us
We can trust Him
You are worthy of my praise
Everlasting God
I will not be afraid
This little light of mine.
How amazing to put these songs in the hearts and on the lips of our babies!!!!

I am praising God for our church, Seeds of Faith, and for our amazing teachers and even more amazing KIDS!

I am thanking God for the wonderful friends at Bethlehem and Our Saviors Lutheran Church as we could work together to provide a wonderful bible school for the kids in our community!

Beautiful Lauryn

Hebrews 11:1 Faith - a favorite song from Crocodile Dock

Seems like there's so much to hope for

So many dreams I wish they call come come true.

But when I think about Your ways Lord,

(wonderful to see my Daughter in law reeling in Paul Lee's net)

it gives me so much faith in all that You do.

Faith to see beyond what I can see-

(Beth and Bob's Beauties)
Faith to know that You will do great things.

I will trust You Lord, I'll always believe,

As I hold on to my faith, Jesus, You are holding on to me.

A little one, AJ, took this picture. Sorry, Calvin got cut off, but hopefully you can see how happy I am to be filled with this wonderful week of music! Thank you God for Your gifts of song!

How Can I Keep From Singing?