Friday, July 10, 2009

Rain Down on Me

Softball regionals round one

Bottom of the 7th, score tied 4-4,

Extra inning, top of the 8th

Marissa hits a ground ball to short stop who bobbles it trying to field it
Marissa is on first

Erika sacrifice bunt, 1st out

Marissa to second

Nelly hits a foul fly behind first

1st baseman caught it, 2nd out

Ashley hits to 3rd

3rd overthrows 1st

Ashley safe on 1st

Marissa scores

The crowd goes wild!

That would be the last run of the night!

Sorry if some of the details are messed up. I was in a texting crisis!

"What's up"?

"Who's on first?

"Now what?"

"So, we won?"

My texting skills could not keep up with those who were interested but unable to be at the game.

All I know is.....we won 5-4 in the 8th inning . Way to go Wildcats! On to round 2!!!!

This game was supposed to have been played last night, but due to mother nature, we got to the 3rd inning before it was postponed. Speaking of weather, 4 girls overnight in a tent during a thunder storm is not so wise. I thought I would make the pictures a little more "pretty" since my night was not the most pleasant.
I know we are to give thanks in all things, but really God, could you please give us a little break from the rain....pretty please? Thank You! AMEN!

3:30 A.M. The tent is broken, blankets are wet, 4 girls are wet, but snug as a bug! Thank You, Lord for our warm dry house! Good Night!

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Sunshine Mama said...

Great game story! What editing software do you use for your photos? I'm using picasa.
Cute photos. I like how you make the pictures look like paintings.