Thursday, July 16, 2009

Team George

The GC Olivers

George's best Oliver-the Super 77- Model of his first new Oliver

George's wife, Elaine, my mother in law, was riding along with me to a softball game. She tells me how much she appreciates me all the time. I love that! I appreciate her too. Anyway, she shared with me that it has been exactly 2 years ago now that George went to live at the nursing home. I told her that every time we go by the home, one of the grandboys, Kavian, always remembers and says, "That's where Grandpa George used to live. He's in heaven now. " Elaine was at our house visiting, and Kavian spotted Grandpa's toy Oliver tractor in my kitchen, looked at Elaine and said, "You miss Grandpa George don't you Grandma?" She said, "Oh, I sure do", but later shared with me that she says, "Thank you, thank you, thank you God" that George doesn't have to live like that any more, that he is well, out of pain, and she is pretty sure he can hear every thing said to him now!!!

Grandpa George with Kavian and Calvin at the nursing home-

There was supposed to be a softball tournament last Sunday, but the rain came and the rain dumped as it has been doing in July. The tournament was postponed and eventually cancelled, but a few enthusiastic teams decided to play just for fun. The winning and losing didn't matter, they just wanted to play....and play a sport in honor of a husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. The team called the "GC Olivers" in honor of George Childress and his love of Oliver tractors. In a previous post I told you, and I added the photo again below, but last Christmas, every child, grandchild and great grandchild received a gift of a piece of George's tractor collection. Grandma Elaine made sure each child and even a couple of children who were on the way, received a bit of this great collection.

Christmas, 2008 - Every child, grandchild and great grandchild received their tractor that had been part of Grandpa George's collection-

Now, as this softball tournament was being planned, as the Tshirts were being made, all of these kids were so excited to play wear a shirt in honor of this great man everyone loved so much. Who won? Who scored? Who struck out? Didn't matter-everyone was enjoying the sport loved by Grandpa...and, did I mention the shirts? Thanks for the shirts Elaine, and thanks Cindy for always including the great grandkids, and Tracy for planning the tournament. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate for you. Imagine what a great day it would have been!

And Elaine, thanks for sharing George with all of us, in his life, in his passing to a better place, and in his memory. He may be umping some game right now, and most likely driving up to the field in a big beautiful Oliver, no longer in pain, his body no longer held still by the prison of Parkinsons Disease, and I know, hearing every word! Thank you, God for Your healing!


Diane said...

Saw the photos on fb but enjoy hearing the story behind it on your blog. How wonderful to have such a close family. I'm sure watching you all gives Elaine JOY.

Marilyn Moser said...

Love it!! Good to see the softball field has a new sign to recognize George! That is AWESOME! What a great tribute and he'd be so proud of his family!!


Sunshine Mama said...

What a great story. It was so nice to see every one getting a tractor. Those will be cherished. Thanks for sharing. Grandpa must have been pretty special.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

That is incredible, Carol.

Like Diane, I agree that it's cool to hear the story behind these great photos.

Blessings to you, Carol! I hope you're having an awesome summer.