Friday, July 3, 2009

It's Official

Choosing Joy with Tyler and Christi today. Dave and I, along with Christi's parents, Joe and Barb Fletcher are happy to announce their engagement. They plan a June 11, 2010 wedding date at Rustic Hills Church in Sioux Falls. They have a date, a place, a reception location and I have heard some talk about colors and songs and houses! It will be a whirlwind year I am sure.
It is amazing to me that Tyler can be old enough to be married. Wasn't it just yesterday he was here riding his bike and running around with his buzz cut and his big brother, that big toothed smile I loved so much....he still has that big smile and I still love it....just all grown up.

And Christi, we have grown up together. She was a high school girl when we met her. 5 years later, she is a beautiful young woman and I do not doubt her love and devotion to Tyler. She has stood beside him through his Senior year of high school, all about his sports....and 4 years of college, again following his football career, his businesses, his studies, right along side him.

We welcome Christi to the family! God's richest blessings as they continue on their journey together and become Mr. and Mrs. Tyler Childress!!!

On another note, did you know that I now know the National coverage area for Long Lines?

I painted this mural for The Cell Phone Guy yesterday. The red area is the coverage in the Sioux Falls area. We thought it should be red for the "heart" of Long Lines. I found it interesting: God led him to Sioux Falls for his business adventure, but right to this "heart" where he found Christi. He listened to his heart. He found his heart. All in God's perfect timing! Amazing!


Runner Mom said...

Hey, Carol! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I visited yours,and you are AMAZING! If I lived closer, I would be taking classes from you! You have been blessed with a wonderful gift from God! The murals are lovely!

And, congrats on the engagement!! What exciting news!! They are such a cute couple!!

Come back to visit when you can--you're as busy as I am!


Jennifer said...

Yay!!!! Congratulations ...