Sunday, August 24, 2008

One Last Party (for real this time)...................

Kavian and sister Braylyn

Calvin and Braylyn

I think I had my last birthday party (hopefully not my LAST, just for this year anyway), last night at Dan and Darcy's house. It was an end of the summer, last hurrah before fall, school, football, volleyball, cross country, summer birthday, celebrate life kind of party. Lots of good food and Dan at the grill.....awesome! Thanks for hosting Dan and Darcy. Your home is always so much fun and you always make it, "the more the merrier" for everyone. It used to be the "hang out" for Tyler and most of the area kids over the years....seems kinda sad all the kids are grown up and gone, but you always have a lot of friends to celebrate with, and I know you welcome all the kids back whenever they are in the area. And, what about that bun.......isn't it in the oven? Thanks for making another memory! Today, the grandkids came over and I got out the camera. Gotta love those babies! Love, Carol

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