Monday, August 25, 2008

It's How You Live

Audrey Caroline Smith

Beautiful Audrey Caroline.....and this is "Point of Grace" with their backups, Marissa, Mariah, Aurelie and Megan. Marissa and I, along with many church friends attended the Point of Grace concert in Sioux Falls recently. You know, I have been so affected ever since. I loved the concert, I loved the music, I loved being in that auditorium with so many believers, I loved sharing it with my daughter, I loved the things they had to say, and I fell in love with a baby named Audrey Caroline who was to be born the following day to Todd and Angie Smith. She was deemed "incompatable with life" earlier on in the pregnancy, but they chose to carry her to whatever term God had in store for them. The entire audience was silent for a few moments and it was so powerful as we lifted their family up in prayer. Audrey Caroline was born the next day, and they rejoiced that she was born alive, they rejoiced that she had a "squeak" for a cry, they rejoiced that she was here, they rejoiced that she breathed, they rejoiced that they were given the honor of bathing her and dressing her and holding her and breathing her in, they rejoiced that their family got to spend time with her, their 3 daughters got to hold her and talk to her and kiss her, they rejoiced that she was over 3 lbs. and Angie even rejoiced that she had been given the honor of carrying her and she was so proud to carry the scar...a reminder of where Audrey once lived. I am excited for the new song coming out soon, by Selah (Audrey Caroline's daddy, Todd is the lead singer in Selah). It is called "I Will Carry You". If you go to and type in Audrey Caroline to search, you will get to see the video of her short life with the song, "I will Carry You", not out to the public for purchase yet. Audrey Caroline lived only 2 1/2 hours, but her mom said, "the clock was insignificant. We knew you deeply....a lifetimes worth." You know, it makes me think that I do not do enough rejoicing for what I have. My friend, Marilyn, gave me a new Point of Grace CD for my birthday and I just love it (and Marilyn too!). They have such a gift of harmony and sweetness and they just give me joy!!!!! Thanks, Marilyn! If you want to read the journey of Audrey Caroline, look on my "Sites of Interest". It is called "Bring the Rain". If you go to that blog , choose a link that lets you start at the beginning of the story. You will be blessed. You will be affected. You will be changed. Oh, the song playing is "How You Live" by P.O.G. " Wear your red dress, use your good dishes, make a big mess and make lots of wishes. Kiss all your children, go see your folks more, give to the needy, don't hold in your anger or leave things unspoken." Powerful words.....It's how you live. Please say a prayer for Isaiah Peters. Check out his link to the left under my "sites of interest". He has had quite a battle, and tomorrow promises to be a long hard day for them, but he is fighting and winning! Go, team Isaiah! They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength! Order a team Isaiah
T-shirt at that site too, in anticipation of his homecoming in the next few weeks! LOL to a little boy who has my heart! Hugs to Anne, Jon, and Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Ron! Love you! I have been told that people love my music selection and you can open my blog and just leave it open and it plays through my list of songs! Enjoy!


Jennifer Dukes Lee said...

Love your blog! I connected here after seeing your response on Isaiah's website. God bless you, dear sister. ... How do I link to your blog? Mine is I'd love to link to yours, but I don't know how. Do you know?

Jennifer Dukes Lee said...

I figured it out, Carol. I found a way to link to your blog from my blog. So now, I have a little link on my blog, and people could click on it to link to yours.