Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ok, so going to a Morningside game is MUCH more enjoyable when Tyler is actually playing. His injury kept him off the field today, not necessarily by his choice or liking. He agreed to let his shoulder rest today to give it a chance to heal up so he can get back in the game next week. I was happy to see his smiling face and see that he was in a lot less pain than last Saturday. He was a faithful teammate, cheering his buddies on from the sidelines. I did have the chance to catch up a bit with my friend, Sheila, who lives in Sioux City. We had coffee together before the game, and then she came to the game for a little while to see Marissa and Christi. She thought she had not seen Marissa since she was probably 8, but through my CONSTANT photos, she feels as though she has known her all along. Thank you, Sheila for meeting me today, for the coffee, the talk, the laughs, and the wonderful gift. Your friendship is gift enough! I thought about it today that I have not posted pictures of our trip to Idaho. I will save that for another day, but couldn't resist just a couple of shots of my classmate and lifetime friend. You are beautiful....queen of hair care products and master of gift giving. Love you and thanks for another memory!

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