Friday, October 10, 2008

One Day at a Time

No pictures
Nothing funny or profound
No tears
Just this...
Take 10 deep breaths
Believe in yourself
Get some fresh air
Get some sleep
Seek out positive people
Put your feet up
Talk with a friend
Count your blessings
Walk away
Play with children
Ask for help
Listen to some good music
Go for a walk
Forgive and forget
Love others
Look at old photos
Learn something new
Recognize beauty all around
Make someone smile
Celebrate life
Spend time with loved ones
Cry if necessary
Set limits
Express your feelings
Treat yourself well
Reflect on your joys
Take off your shoes
Enjoy a hobby
Write in a journal
Accept lots of hugs
Choose joy
Take it one day at a time....

To all my "Frassy Friends"

This morning when I awakened
And saw the sun above,
I softly said, "Good morning , Lord ,
Bless everyone I love".
Right away I thought of you
And said a loving prayer ,
That He would bless you especially ,
And keep you free from care.
I thought of all the happiness
A day could hold in store.
I wished it all for you because
No one deserves it more .
I felt so warm and good inside,
My heart was all aglow .
I know God heard my prayers for you ,
He hears them all, you know.

Will you pray with me?
"Life-giving God, you make a way in the wilderness and cause roses to bloom in the desert. Be with me as I seek your grace and sing your praises. You offer hospitality to the stranger and a place of rest to the traveler. You infuse me with fresh hope when my life is parched and dry. You gather me in your strong arms when I am weary. You provide faithful friends. You are beside me when I feel discouraged and abandoned. For all these life-giving gifts, I give You thanks and praise. May your constant love, which has surrounded me from the beginning, flow through me now and bring joy to all. Amen"


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Diane said...

In the rhythm of Life, we sometimes find ourselves out of tune, But as long as there are friends to provide the melody, the music plays on.