Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Funny Face, I love You

Ok, so this is what I live with. The worst thing is, I have created this monster with the camera. Marissa LOVES, loves, loves to take photos, be in photos, take photos of herself and all of her friends, and now, with the technology of today, she is an editing expert. She is in my Art class, and for lack of wanting to look like a brownnoser, I have yet to see her creative side shine there, but give her a camera, a picture of herself, and she can turn it into a "masterpiece". Deb, sorry to have left you hanging, but my internet is back full steam. Tyler is trying to brace up and get out there and I really don't know what all is happening with his shoulder. Continue to pray for his health and well being and that his trainer and coach know what to do to help God in all of this. You could drop him a line if you wish. His address is: tdc004@morningside.edu He has had a big year and a big 4 year college football career. I am very proud of him. Again, I say, in the word of Marissa, "anywho".....here are some of Marissa's editing skills at their finest. Enjoy! Gotta find joy in these snaps!!!! I do not know where she got it. I NEVER acted crazy like that!!!! I hope her eyes don't stay crossed like that!!! Have a great day and rest of the week! Don't they just fly by? Live life to the fullest every single day of your life!!! Oh, and "Funny face, I love you"!

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