Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Carry Me

I try not to post the same story 2 times in a row, but this is a necessity. Please, right now, bow your head and pray, pray, pray. Angela has such a long difficult road ahead. I am so thankful for wonderful, intelligent doctors, nurses, hospitals who can do so much, and I am so thankful that Angela has such loving, supportive family and friends, but in the really is God. Please pray for her healing, comfort, release from pain, and for her family, that the peace of God will be upon them and carry them through this journey. Click on her link in my left margin under "sites of interest" and let her family know you are praying for them.

He Will Carry Me by Mark Schultz

"I call. You hear me.
I've lost it all and it's more than I can bear.
I feel so empty...You're strong...I'm weary.
I'm holding on but I feel like giving in,
But still you're there with me.
And even though I'm walking through the valley of the shadow,
I will hold tight to the hand of Him whose love will comfort me.
And when all hope is gone and I've been wounded in the battle
He is all the strength I will ever need.
He will carry me."

Be in constant prayer to the One who carries all of us. Love, Carol

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Jennifer Dukes Lee said...

What a beautiful reminder of prayer for her. We will continue praying; thanks for putting her on my mind first thing this morning. You're a dear woman!