Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Poodle Skirts and T-Birds

First time for everything! I painted this huge piece of cardboard to look like Danny and Sandy looking into the rearview mirror.

I painted the yellow '57 Chevrolet today and helped the students paint the other 2 last week. These are for the drive-in movie scene.

I think this may be a first too...painting the head and footboards of a bed for the bedroom scene.

The gigantic 7-up bottle and popcorn box were so much fun to create! I have not seen much of the play practice and have not witnessed the magic created by the directors, but it promises to be entertaining. Right now, there is fluff and bubble gum and roller skates and scarves and leather jackets and dresses and props and props and props!!!!!! It is so much work for the directors, the kids, and the art teacher. I really do love making props and showing my creativity. With teaching all day long, I really don't get to do much creating myself. Do you KNOW what one can create with some cardboard and left over paint??? By the way, anyone with any leftover wall or house paint, bring it on by the school. We go through gallons for productions like this! One of the directors, Trish, says , "Bim-Botta-Boom"! She asks me to create something, and magically, it appears. Many of you know how much I love music, and I really, really LOVE the music in "Grease". In high school, I sang, "I Honestly Love You" at the Pops Concert and Mr. Smith introduced me........."And now....the Olivia Newton John of West Lyon!!!" It was actually the first movie Dave took me to in 1978. YIKES!!!! October 30 and 31....the show will go on! Be there or be square!!!

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