Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Grandpa George

Easter Sunday, the boys love Grandpa George! George will often perk up when they come to visit. Look at his left hand around Calvin! He loves them too! They are always willing to take a photo with him, but then they are off, because visiting Grandpa George in the nursing home means playing with his tractors.

George's 79th birthday party, we took time to get that 4 generation photo. George, his son, Dave, his grandson, Brandon, and his great grandsons, Calvin and Kavian. I am not sure why Kavian is doing the pledge!

Grandpa George is having a hard time. He is in the hospital in Rock Rapids and he is struggling. Please take a minute to pray for his health and well being, and for his wife, Elaine and his kids. Again, remember not to take your health for granted!

I keep reading about Angela, out in Denver. She is learning to speak, learning to breathe without the vent, learning to eat, today she moved her arm. The things we take for granted are milestones for her! Praise God for her healing. Check out her link under my "Sites of Interest"

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Janelle said...

Praying for Grandpa George and the rest of you.