Saturday, November 15, 2008

Letter from Sister Susie

Susie with her golden man in Texas! We all laughed so much when he discovered he was NOT a statue.

Hello family,
When we wake up in the morning, it will be November 15th; Mother's birthday........

The sisters will gather for a time of celebration and reflect on the memories.......Mother always enjoyed the fall and all the beautiful trees and often stopped to take a picure. Speaking of pictures, remember how she had us line up after church while we were clean and in our Sunday best? She didn't care if it was warm or cold with snow on the ground. If we were all together and the sun was shining, she wanted a picture.....all in a row by ages and then by size.......(smiling).

She loved to celebrate her birthday and said 'oooooooohhhhhh, you shouldn't have' as she opened her gifts, all the while with a smile on her face.

She always had a black/black cup of coffee to share. We called it mud (dad would ask if we wanted a cup of mud). For those of us brave enough to drink it we got the gitters, but it was our social time. And she was happy when she could find something for us to eat.

She sent out hundreds of cards for lots of reasons or no reason as she cared for others. Inside the card was always a note from her heart.

She walked for exercise and even went to Curves to stay in shape. And she loved to dance.

She was tender and often shed tears. She loved the Lord and was a woman of great faith and prayed through her days, often wondering how shw would feed her 9 children.

How I wish I could talk to my Mom.

Celebrate her memory by writing something you remember about Mother during this week and then email it to the rest of us. I love you guys, Sister Susie


Deb said...

You make me tear up when you talk about your mom. What is the name of the song and who sings it on your latest blog? Thanks for allowing me to read your blog. It usually makes my day. Deb

Janelle said...

What a beautiful letter; praying that the memories of your mom and the years that God gave you with her bring you peace.

Jennifer Dukes Lee said...

This makes me appreciate the blessing of my own mother, who I still get to share time with on this side of Heaven. As you describe your mom's special way of sending out hundreds of cards, I can't help but think of Mom's own stash of cards! She should buy stock in Hallmark! Thank you for blessing us with these sweet memories, and in the process, reminding us of the blessings we have with our own moms.