Saturday, November 22, 2008

Athletic Supporter

Well, another weekend, almost shot! I have never been an athlete, but I am definitely an "athletic supporter".♥ That was one of the funniest lines in the movie, "Grease", which I saw when it first came out in 1978!!! Tyler's team, the Morningside Mustangs, from the Great Plains Athletic Conference had their first round playoff game in Sioux City today. They played Baker University Wildcats from Kansas , part of the Heart of America Athletic Conference. Morningside won this round 65-27. It turns out that of the 16 teams remaining in the NAIA, two that were ranked higher than Morningside were beaten out today, so we are hoping we moved up and can now host the next round. It is very costly to host a game, but the fans sure enjoy not having to travel around the country. The 8 teams remaining after today's games, go on to the quarterfinals next Saturday. Carroll, Montana, Sioux Falls, SD, St. Francis, Indiana, Langston, OK., N.W. Oklahoma State, Lindenwood, Mo. ,Cumberlands, Ky, and Morningside remain to go at it for at least one more game. Every game now, could be Tyler's last football game....ever!♥
Wildcats take to the field.
On the way to Tyler's game, we had the radio blasting out the commentary on the West Lyon 1A State Championship game which was going on in Cedar Falls today. Isn't it strange, both teams we met today were the Wildcats! Marissa was fortunate enough to catch a ride with friends. Thank you, Nellie, Tim and Suzie for putting up with her. You are great friends! I hated for her to miss out on a chance to go to the dome! Her last trip there was exactly 4 years ago when she went as a sister. This time, she went as a high schooler, cheering the entire team. In the end, it was not to be. West Lyon lost in a heartbreaking 3-0 game. We are proud of the Wildcats and blessed to be part of such a wonderful school and athletic tradition!
Sister♥ Tyler's team made it to the semifinals his Junior and Senior years.
They lost both years by only one point. Both times, kick an extra point to tie the score and send it into overtime, or 2 point conversion to win. Both times, the boys chose to go for the win and both times, the 2 point conversion failed.

Nice shoes girls! Having a girl is so much different after raising the 2 boys. The boys never had to go shopping to buy matching outfits.

High School friends♥Gotta have the fashion thing going on! Hope you had a great time at the Dome and hope you get to have the chance to go again during the rest of your years at West Lyon! I have been planning my children's sermon for tomorrow....with all the cheering we have been doing, are we remembering to cheer for God? When He provides for us....Yea God! When He loves us no matter what...Yea God! For never, never, never leaving us...Yea God! I'll let you know how all that turns out with the kids cheering in church and all!

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Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said...

Carol, I popped over to say thank you for sharing in your comment on my blog. I know you are a very blessed lady...but your greatest blessing is your attitude and your heart. Many people would find the "burden" in what you have experienced and not the joy. You have found the joy and the gift, and you have inspired me. Thank you for sharing and for putting your voice out here on the web. You are a blessing!