Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Comfort Things

This picture in antique oval frame was a gift given to my Mom from a friend of hers, Dee Tangen. She knew how much I loved that kind of thing and how I looked at that picture often at her house. My name was written on the back: "This is for Carol Childress Love, Mother".

Nostalgic photo of mother and children....

Willow Tree angels.....mothers and babies....

Oak cabinet made by George Childress, Dave's Dad. He was quite the woodworker. We have a couple of his pieces, but this is my newest and favorite. He is in Rock Rapids in the nursing home and Elaine thought it time to part with his woodworking things. People were lined up to have a little bit of George's woodworking magic and to be able to say that the tools they now hold were once used by an amazing craftsman. Dave bought this cabinet that day at the sale.

Collections of "coffee things" are the decor in my kitchen.

This painting of mine is right above my kitchen sink. I painted it on a piece of masonite, but when I hung it, it seemed too small and constricted by the straight edges, so I just continued the painting, adding "steam" right onto the walls.

Wouldn't it be nice to stay home today, curl up with a blanket and have another cup of coffee? I thought I would take you to my house for a cup. I have a "coffee kitchen", and I collect willow tree angels and nostalgic pictures. I really like the rustic look. I think it reminds me of home, and children. Home, children and coffee......comfort things from my home to yours.

Have a wonderful day, stay warm, on the road, hug your babies (whatever the age), and remember to enjoy the little things. "This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it".


Susan S. said...

I found you site from a blog at "Smelling the Coffe". Your coffee kitchen is PRECIOUS and I love the picture YOU painted. Blessings.

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

You painted that?? I LOVE it! You are so talented.