Saturday, November 8, 2008


The #33 has come to mean a lot to me. It was never my favorite number until Tyler wore it for Morningside football. Every time I turn around, that number pops up. Not too long ago, I saw gas for $3.33. Thank the Lord it is lower now! When I get 33 cents in change, I smile and think of Tyler. Today was a special day in Sioux City. It was Tyler's last regular season home game and it was Senior Recognition Day. When we got to Sioux City, it was 33 degrees. Really! We turned the corner as we left the game and can you even believe it? Dairy Queen was advertising 2 Double Cheeseburgers for $3.33! As part of Senior Recognition, each Senior player was asked to bring a male that has had an influence on their lives. It was very special when he asked his Dad if he would come and have breakfast with him. Dave doesn't really share mushy stuff with me and Tyler didn't want me to read his speech....guess it was a father-son moment. He did tell me it was just some stuff about how his Dad hauled him to all those soccer and wrestling tournaments and then they talked on the way home about what happened and what could be improved. I recall MANY basketball games when I just sat in the back seat, letting Tyler sit up front with Dad and they really, really HASHED it out. Tyler had a fair amount of frustration with his lack of playing, not playing what he thought was his best, and not making enough points. He also had a fair amount of frustration with recurrent ankle sprains in high school football, hobbling around with tape and wraps and ice.... I thought he was wonderful and played wonderfully and I was proud of him no matter what. Well, today, he scored his........33rd college career touchdown!!!! AND, the Sioux City Journal had him with 5 carries for a total of 33 YARDS!!! REALLY!!!! And Tyler, I still think you are wonderful, played wonderfully and I am proud of you, no matter what. Morningside came out of the game on top, scoring 73-8. Next week, Morningside 9-0, meets the University of Sioux Falls 9-0 for GPAC Conference Championship and playoff ranking. We are behind you all the way and I will be proud of matter what. Oh, and Dar said to tell you, she would like the same score next week! Love you forever, Mom A special request from all of my visitors...could you all say a special prayer for Angela and maybe check out her Caring Bridge site under my "Sites of Interest"? She has had a good day, #4 in a row, where she is up more, gaining strength, eating some, drinking some, and she is going to Denver for rehab on Monday. Praise God for her strength and healing!


Diane said...

Hi Carol,
I looked up 33 on Google and on Wikipedia under Religion it says:
- The number symbolizes truth (33)
- This number has the meaning that good will always triumph over evil.
- Jesus's age when he was crucified in 33 A.D., according to many, though not verified historically.
So add these 33's to your list!
Love, Diane

Anonymous said...

Good Children's message on Sunday! I am so happy for Ty that he has had such an awesome career at Morningside! Go Mustangs!Good luck on Saturday against USF!
Love ya,