Sunday, July 25, 2010

Plentiful Harvest

Welcome to our "Little House on the Prairie"

A recent aerial view shows how green everything is

And it shows the fruits of my husband's labor. Old grove, gone, new grove thriving!

This is neighbor Joel's greenery!!

This is Dave's hobby....carefully tilled, planted, cared for, waited for, checked daily for the first "fruits".

And, here they come...

Dinner today consisted of vegetables....ALL vegetables from Dave's garden. Are we not blessed?? Oh, and wouldn't Grandpa Iver be just so proud?? Love you forever, Dad!
I do enjoy the vegetables AND the occasional opportunity to do some photo edits!
Thanking God for the rains, the temperatures and the harvest.

"The Lord will indeed give what is good and our land will yield its harvest."
Psalm 85:12


Joy said...

Just beautiful!! There really is nothing like eating fresh veggies from your own garden!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Amanda said...

Truly a beautiful harvest!! I love the prayer at the end... wonderfully wise words!

Diane said...

Great aerial view of your place! Always fun to see a new view. I'm jealous of all the bounty from Dave's garden. Can't believe all those tomatoes! (I've only gotten some off my little marachino cherry tomato plant for a few salads.) Enjoy what's left of vacation!

Anonymous said...

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