Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Have Called You by Name

I was never particulary attached to "Carol" growing up.
-made for me by my friend Diane at Spreading Seeds-showing me that I matter-
No one names their babies, "Carol".

I was never attached to the name "Carol" until I grew up and researched its meaning.

It means, "Song of JOY".
Truely! Here I am, an ordinary "girl" in an ordinary world, singing away and trying to find JOY!!!!

This is for my niece, Jade Sehr....I know her name and she matters to me!!!!

For many of us, our names come with a story. I have siblings named after others, one after our dad, one after an auctioneer, and I even have a sister named after a weed/flower my dad thought was pretty cool. I am not sure they KNEW what Carol meant, but I now have become quite attached. Sharing the stories about our names, knowing each others names, calling each other by name...all of this matters.
Happy Birthday to my friend, Darcy Gerber! You matter-

In baptism, we are named and claimed as God's own, called by name. That matters.
God speaks to us, "Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine." Now that most definitely matters! "You are precious in My sight".
My friend, Lori Lems-she matters-

During communion this past Sunday, Audrey offered me the cup and said, "The body of Christ, shed for you, CAROL" Now, Audrey is quite new to our church and she knows my name and I know I matter!
Each of us has been called by God, by name, claimed and loved!
For my friends, Marilyn and Joel....25 years together as the Moser family-that matters-
Whatever else we are, no matter what we are called, no matter what our job or where we live, first and foremost, we are loved by God and we are precious and honored in God's sight.

My friend at Getting Down with Jesus, Jennifer Lee-She matters

No matter what happens, God is with us.
When we pass through the waters, God is with us.
When we suffer fear and disappointment and flood and fire, He is with us.

We are called by NAME, beloved and chosen and claimed by God.

Most of you know me to be a singer AND an artist, always singing and always tinkering around, making something for someone!!! I have discovered sort of a digital alphabet, searching out things in nature that look like letters. I have been making these name pictures for a few friends just getting my feet wet in this new adventure. Most of the names in this post are last names, but they matter too!!!


Diane said...

Yes, you do matter! ((hug)) Love seeing the letters I shot mixed in with yours. They warm my heart and take me back to where I was when I shot them.
Would be neat to do sign language letters too! Another idea...
Keep up the good work!

Marilyn Moser said...

Very cool artwork with photos! Love it!


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

He knows our names, and has them engraved on the palm of His hands.

Carol -- I love what you've captured here through your lens.

God's blessings to you as you see Him in the A to Z of nature!