Sunday, March 20, 2011


There are things that we don't want to happen,
But we have to accept them;
Things we don't want to know,
But have to learn;
And people we don't want to live without,
But have to let them go. -Author unknown

This precious little girl, Makayla, has won the battle and earned her heavenly reward.

Prayers have been uttered around the nation for this little girl, for her pink, girly, "Makayla Miracle"! We can not understand why the answer to our prayers sometimes comes in death instead of renewed health.

Why can we not keep those we love with us on this earth?
Why does a family have to go through such suffering?
What lessons could possible be learned from this?

Her mama, Krista is a beautiful, loving young lady and she worked and worked, and tried everything to save her baby. When the answer became very evident to them, she shared with the world on Caring Bridge, how peaceful it was and how mom and dad told her how much they loved her and that if she was ready to go, it was ok.....They held her as she took her last breaths. They are teaching us....this is exactly the way to do things. They loved her enough to let her go.

Mama Krista, you are so beautiful. I have not seen you much over the past years, but I love you! Look at those smiles! Remember this picture when your heart becomes too heavy to bear.

I have learned so much from this young, beauty, caring, giving, strength, courage...

In their loss, they are thanking us for our prayers for peace and comfort, and asking us to continue to pray for their 2 other children as they learn what life is like without their big sister.

Even now, they asked for no flowers, nothing for themselves. Instead, they ask us to use the donation for a toy for the Children's Care Hospital. They had donated many of their childrens' toys there at Christmas. Makayla said, "It's okay Mom, I have lots..." I know Makayla would love this, and it will help to pass on her smile to so many more kids."
They are teaching us to give. Tables and tables loaded with toys were collected at the celebration and will give so much joy and many, many smiles to children in honor of Makayla. Her smile will live on.
Makayla is still teaching me through her parents' selfless actions.... Give, share, love. A friend wrote that the celebration of life was fun and beautiful. How does one do that??? The saddest time of their lives I am sure, but they worked to make it a celebration geared towards happiness and fun. This friend said that usually funerals are so sad, but she left the celebration with smiles and remembrances of happy times. I was unable to be there that day, but I can not erase the vision of pink balloons from my mind.

I have NO IDEA how one survives the loss of a beautiful child, but I have been watching the story unfold, and I am sure I will continue to marvel at the strength of this family. Please continue to pray for this young family, that they can continue to remember happy times, times of love and sharing and laughter before Makayla became ill, that they know that they know that they know that they did everything humanly possible for this child, that the decision was in God's hand, and that they know that God holds their hands and walks this journey with them. Makayla no longer walks this earth beside you, but she will forever be in your heart.

-photo by Jaci Moser


SuziQzie said...

This is just so sad :( Krista spent so much time with my Grandma Jerry when she was little. Such a cute and sweet girl. Now her little girl is up there with her and is in good hands. Thank for sharing the beautiful pictures.

jenplusfive said...

Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful little girl.