Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sister Linda

This is Linda's home away from home this week. She has been in so much pain. She has tried the therapy, the exercises, the remedies prescribed, but this knee involved much more than any of those, and she has grown tired of the pain. This week, she got a new knee. I have heard it said that she must be "bionic" as she has had so many surgeries. I am not sure she is as much "bionic" as "rebuilt"!

I am asking for your prayers for Linda. She is an amazing woman and sister to me. She is the firstborn of 9 and, if you have been following my blog at all, you know growing up was not so easy at our house. 11 people in a 2 bedroom house with no furnace and no running water and no bathroom....and no money. Linda actually went to work in town and bought things for her brothers and sisters, helped Mom with expenses, cooked, cleaned, fed and bathed the little ones. I really remember Mom saying that Linda was like a "little mother". She made sure everyone else was taken care of and fed before she ate. She is still like that today. Caring for everyone else before herself...

I love Linda so much and if I can ask for your prayers and they can help her be free from pain and recover from this surgery quickly to get back at the business of life, that would be my request.


"A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost".

We found a few minutes in this busy life to join together to be with Linda at the hospital this week. Any time we are together, we have to make use of the photo opportunity. One sister was unable to be with us. We miss you Susie!

Praying for you Linda. Be happy. Be healthy. Be well. Love you forever!

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