Thursday, July 31, 2008

Garage work

We really have been busy here. Fixing big windows that have been broken for years. I painted the living room (finally got all the way around). While everything was moved away from the walls and windows, Dave finally decided to help me fix the window I have been harping about for years! Besides all that, plus doing Marissa's room, Dave and Tyler are working on putting a cement pad in front of the garage (another project that has been talked about for years). Anyway, I guess it is really happening. The only thing is, while we are at it, we might as well put in an extra stall to the west, and some extra room to the east, and we might as well put in that retaining wall we have been talking about, and we might as well cut a doorway into the cement block to enter the garage without having to open the heavy garage doors (by hand), and then we might as well move the sidewalk and we might as well make new steps and we might as well make a retaining wall all the way around the cement landing to the doorway to the garage!~!!!!! Whew!!!! Hard work. Thanks Dave and Tyler and Brandon for your input too!!!!

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