Thursday, January 15, 2009


Flowers continue to bloom in Mom's backyard. I think the green ties in so beautifully with my new background from Click on the blue and red icon on the top left of this screen or on this link and you can get a new background too!!!!

I have been tagged AGAIN, by Janelle at . She had an interesting outlook on the new year...instead of resolutions for 2009, she chose to simply contain all her resolutions into one word; the word is "break". You can read about it on her site. I loved it, Janelle! Sorry I am letting you down with this tag thing, but I don't know who else to tag and what else to tell you!

Now, for lack of anything better to reflect upon,and since I am "choosing" to not be tagged, I would like to instead, give you this list I found....great attributes for anyone to strive for in the New Year, and I choose to make my word for 2009, "Choice". All of these attributes are a choice...we can choose to do them or choose NOT to do them, but they are all good and right. Sorry, it was written on a small slip of paper in one of my piles and I don't know who gets the credit for these words....but they are not my words....sorry. Now, today is my 99th post and I am still Choosing Joy!!!! Thank you to all of you who have visited and commented and prayed for our family. I choose you as my friends!!!

The list:
Courage: Doing what you know is the right thing even when it is hard to do
Determination: Staying focused on a plan even though the path may be difficult
Teamwork: Working with other people toward a common goal
Persistence: Moving forward even though you face obstacles
Integrity: Sticking to your values, regardless of what others think you should do
Citizenship: Making a contribution that improves the lives of others
Justice: Treating all people fairly, no matter who they are
Commitment: Making a promise and following through with it
Excellence: Doing the best that you possibly can

Have a great day. I am gearing up for my 100th post tomorrow. Thanks for cheering me on!


janelle said...

I love your "choices" ~ things we should all be so bold to choose.

As far as the "tag" - don't feel bad, if you noticed, I only tagged 4 people; I like the idea but I was kind of on the end of a string of tag!

hope42day said...

Love your post!!! Especially the first one-courage.

Billy Coffey said...

Think I'll adopt your choices as my own this year. If you don't mind, of course...

Carol said...

Billy, You are very welcome to my list, as I stole it from somewhere....not really mine to give...Glad you liked it! Carol