Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Let the Little Children Come Unto Me"

Again with the "little blessings". I present:
*Our Seeds of Faith Sunday School Class*

We have learned about baby Jesus and how God gave us His son. We have learned about Zachaeus and how God loved him no matter what he had done, and no matter how little he was. He could climb up in a tree so he could see better, but could not hide from Jesus. As posted earlier, we are now learning about the Prodigal son. It doesn't matter if we run away, waste all of our money, do "naughty stuff". God still loves us and welcomes us back. "Great is His Love for us". We have learned to be nice to others, not to lie to others, to share with others. We have prayed together, we have laughed together. We have played together. We have sung together. We have snacked together. We have confessed together. In between all of that, there has been a lot of coloring and gluing and making and talking, and lots of eating!!!!

Our beautiful tree. It started out all brown and drab, but week after week, we are adding little notes with messages about the nice things we do for others. The tree was made out of scraps of construction paper which I tore into "treeish" shapes, I built on it every week, first putting leaves that had "good things" on them that came in the Sunday school packet. If it was not a nice thing, we threw that leaf away. If it was a nice thing, we stuck it up there. As we learned about Zachaeus, I put him up in the tree and a picture of Jesus under the tree. Then every week, the kids would tell me something nice they did for someone and I would write that on a leaf and they could stick it up with double stick tape. This month, I wrote the nice things on hearts and they got to stick them up. Some of them brought their parents in after class every week just to show them their tree.

Dawn and I are teaching the 4 year olds together! We are both learning so much! You are awesome, Dawn. I am blessed for this experience with these kids and with YOU! See you Sunday!!! I can't wait to see what you have planned for us this week!!! Love, Carol


Jennifer said...

This is precious. What you do for the children, you also do unto God. Be blessed, dear sister.

Darlene said...

Just LOVE those little ones!!!
That tree is a precious idea! love it!


Billy Coffey said...

If every church would do with their congregations what the two of you have done with those children, praying and laughing, playing and singing, communing and confessing, all together, the world would be a much nicer place.

And I love the idea behind that tree.