Monday, May 11, 2009

The Cell Phone Guy

Morningside College conferred 255 bachelor’s degrees and 216 Master of Arts in Teaching degrees during its 111th spring commencement exercises held Saturday, May 9.
Standing out in the crowd--(to a mom, I guess)
The Path-beautiful day-beautiful celebration-

The diploma was signed and everything!!!!!! I am joking because in high school, students get to walk across and get an unsigned or empty diploma. There is some business to take care of after graduation, signatures, and everything checked in and out, before you get the real deal.

GOT IT!!!! On to the business of life!

"Outstanding Business Student"

There's that smile of his!!!

OK, so I am the mother of an official college graduate. As I am sure you know and are sick of hearing about, I am proud of him. He has made it....mostly on his own....and done a great job. He graduated cum laude, was chosen as "Outstanding Business Student" and honored by his teacher/advisor for being the co-president of the campus Entrepreneurship group. He is quite something, and if you also are not too tired of hearing....that smile of his will win hearts for a long time to come. Morningside should be proud of this graduate, and he has the most respect for that college as well. As I said, he is on to the next phase.....he is opening up his own business in Sioux Falls. He has not finalized plans as to location for sure, but when he does, I will be sure to let you know. If you need cell phone service, phones, parts, repairs, or cell phone plans, go see Ty at his store called: "The Cell Phone Guy"....amazing! Thanking God for all my kids and grandkids this weekend, on Mother's day, but a big celebration by all for the graduate!


marilyn moser said...

What a wonderful accomplishment for him and such an awesome example he is! Congrats to Ty as we are all proud of him! Good luck in your new business venture!

Kim said...

You should be so proud Carol!! Tyler has definitely found his way in life.....thanks in part to the prayers of his mother.
This last weekend Ethan reaffirmed his faith at Thomas's baptism for the whole family and congregation to see. What an answered prayer to see Ethan proclaiming his faith in Christ Jesus for all to hear. I wanted to stand up and shout...." is so important to pray for your children...God hears!!" And our children are wonderful, amazing miracles of answered prayer. Watching Brandon with his!! Tyler, so grown up and accomplishing so much. Thinking back over Steph's makes you breathless.....God so darn good!! He has watched over our kids through some rough times and will continue to watch over them. What a blessing our faith is!

Be proud and thankful Mama!! You are an AWESOME FAITHFUL MOM!!!

Luv ya,


Candi said...

It is an awesome thing to see your child graduate and go off into the world to be a working adult. You did a great job raising him, Carol, congratulations to you and Tyler!!

Jennifer said...

We are definitely NOT tired of hearing about Tyler! Finishing college is a huge accomplishment. And then starting a new business --too cool!

God bless you and your family... Glad to hear your son is staying relatively close to home. Anna and Lydia tell me they are going to build houses next to ours when they grow up. We'll see how that plan changes when they're 15 and they no longer think Mom is cool.


janelle said...

Carol - brag away! It's our right as mothers isn't it? Congratulations to you too - you are a big part of his successes.

Jennifer, my son, who shall remain nameless for his sake, still says he's never moving out! He loves me too much and wants to be with me every day. Wouldn't you love to be his wife?

Talkin' Texan said...

Congratulations to both of you! I know how proud you must be! Whew, one thing accomplished, with many more hurdles to jump ahead! May God guide and protect.