Monday, November 16, 2009

It's About Love

We thought of you with love today,
but this is nothing new.
We thought of you yesterday
and the days before that too.
We think of you in silence
and often speak your name.
All we have now are memories,
and a picture in a frame.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
but you didn't go alone.
A part of us went with you,
the day God took you home.

Happy Birthday Mom

This family shot shows 7 of the 9 children of Iver and Elvina. Kristy had to work at Walmart, so couldn't come when most of us could be together, but we enjoyed seeing her some over the weekend. Tom lives in South Carolina, so we were missing him too!

We gathered together Sunday to pay another tribute to this amazing Mom of ours. Sunday would have been her birthday. Susie came home to be with us. We placed red flowers on the altar. I think Dad was the one who loved red so much.

We worshiped, we remembered, we laughed, we cried, we prayed, we cared, we missed, we shared, we held each other up, and we sang, we ate, we welcomed more of this family together...time and distance does not matter...we are family.

We wondered why we still grieve and miss...time does not matter....the missing does not go away. Rev Ron said, "It's ok to grieve. It's ok to cry. It's about love"

I sang...."Life is hard. The world is cold. We're barely young and then we're old. But every falling tear is always understood. Life is hard, but God is good. He never said that this journey would be easy. He only said that we would never be alone....and when the last bit of thread begins to come unraveled, don't give up, He'll walk beside you on your journey home".

We had a "sisters" party.

As promised, we laughed, we cried, we shared, we cared, we missed, we held each other up, we remembered, we gave gifts, we stayed together through the night.....a slumber party....age doesn't matter...time and distance does not matter...we are sisters. We have had "sisters" parties for many many years. Part of missing mom is that she became one of the "sisters" too, sharing everything right along with us, so these parties are fewer and farther between AND a very important link is missing.....but her presence is very significant at the same time!

We "exercised" at 2 am. We shared, passing the feather boa for our "15 minutes of fame" and made a pajama run downtown, just like the kids do!

Brother Pat

Always has to be food involved with a gathering!

Mike and Peggy

Marissa has grown since Susie was home!

The boys are no longer the babies Susie met once!

Braylyn and I played dress up during one of our few quiet times at the farm.

We burned what is left of our old grove Sunday ending to a busy weekend.
Goodbye Susie. It was so great seeing you.'s about love. Have a safe flight, keep in touch and remember your humble roots in a little tiny house in a little tiny town...humble beginnings, but overflowing with's about love.


Deborah Ann said...

Aw, who is that little cutie in your banner? Is that Braylyn?

You know something? This post is a beautiful testimony of how to celebrate life and death together as a family. There is sadness here, but there is joy too. It is all beautiful!

Anonymous said...

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