Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Day

What does a snow day look like in Iowa?

Temperatures are near 40 degrees BELOW zero-
-photo taken by Sandy Ahrendt

Dangerous wind chills-
- photo taken by Sandy Ahrendt

Our cars are not going anywhere-

Roads are closed-
- photo taken by Sandy Ahrendt

In Winter’s Grip

The world, all that I see

in winter’s grip, held tight

the howling winds,

the blowing snow

all I see is white

Our lives, our activities

all within the walls of home

busy work and idle time

pacing round the house

Trapped inside

at winter’s command

our time charted by the storm

curl up with a good book, a cup of tea

Just stay inside, all warm

-poem by Raymond A. Foss

Interstate 90 was closed today between Sioux Falls and Rapid City. Hiway 18 in Iowa was closed as well. Dangerous windchills and blowing snow also are still hitting the area and 200 area schools closed today and most are closed for tomorrow as well.

Not exactly sure why, but when the wind is blowing outside,
I decorate inside-with Snowmen! My snowmen are warm and
dry and always have big smiles!

Giving thanks-All is safe and warm-


Within our houses

the world around shut down

nature bringing forth its wrath

we are hunkered down

the snow piling higher still

all the roads closed, still

the drifts up against the house

dunes of snow intense

Locked within our homes

no way to go out

the howling winds of winter

how they scream and shout

Barring out egress

our homes our world alone

what to do within the house

within the raging storm

-poem by Raymond A. Foss

These poems are 2 of Raymond's 5,461 copyrighted poems posted on his site, written since April, 2000. I have emailed Raymond several times, and asked if he could write the perfect poem for me to post today. These 2 are freshly penned, on January 8, 2010, at my prompting! I am honored to post them here as well, and direct you to his website. You will be blessed! Thank you for your words, Raymond!


Susan S. said...

Hey Carol...saw your comment on Facebook and wanted to pop in and say HI! YES...we are expecting unusually cold weather for us. Blew in today and will get to 20 degrees by tonight and will stay cold until Sunday. EVERYONE around here is freaking out about frozen pipes, dead plants, etc. I think it's kind of exciting. :) Your pics are crazy cold looking!

Stay warm and safe and dry. :)

Carol said...

Those snow pictures are something else! We were lucky not to get more snow last night, but most schools were closed today because of bitter cold & strong winds, the windchill was around 5. Next week we're expecting high temps. in the 40s. . . can't wait!!

Ann Kroeker said...

Those photos are fabulous!

So glad to find you through High Calling Blogs!

aubrey said...

Those pictures are really amazing, growing up in town and raising my kids in town, we have no idea what it means to be snowed in! Thanks to Sandy for taking the pics, and I love the first snowman on your post! I also got my snowmen out yesterday! Thanks again for the country view;)

Annie said...

Blessings for keeping a positive attitude and still loving snowmen in the midst of this storm! Here in Michigan, we have snow but not quite as much and the temps are not as frigid either!!! Although my kids were hoping for a snowday :) Love the last pic!! Very funny!! Thanks for sharing your snow fall with us!! And hoping you stay warm, sparked with love and optimistic!!

Karen said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving the encouraging verse! It meant a lot=). God is so good to use others to minister to me!

I enjoyed your snowy pictures. We don't get much snow in our neck of the woods...

Leaning on Him...

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Sandy's photos are amazing. Wow. Sounds like another storm is headed our way.