Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lanny's Gift

Lanny is amazing! He is a custodian at my school. He is kind. He is helpful. He is loving....and he can fix anything.

Something Lanny.
Something needs to be Lanny.
Someone needs something Lanny.

This is Lanny and his wife, Pam. They look healthy, well, and full of life...except Pam has lost a vital function in her body, that of her kidneys. She was in need of a transplant.

Again....anything needs to be fixed, call Lanny.

Pam was diagnosed with kidney failure in February 2009. She went on home dialysis in July 2009. In November 2009 she went to Mayo Rochester MN to get tested to see if she could have a kidney transplant. I was approved and was put on the national transplant list. At that time her family started to get tested to see if anyone was a match to donate. Out of 8 children and her husband, 6 were matches. Lanny insisted that if anyone in their family had to go through this surgery, it was going to be him. Lanny was tested further and in January 2010 they made another trip to Mayo and he was approved to give her one of his kidneys.

Their CaringBridge site is:

My words to them in their guestbook: "I will miss you as you are the greatest fix-it man! Pam, you are so blessed, you LIVE with the greatest fix-it man!...he is even going to fix this for you !"

The man who gave Pam his heart many years ago has now given her his kidney.
Lanny the fix-it man....he can do anything...

Now they must wait...wait for God's hand to heal them. They are up and around. They are walking. They are talking. They are eating. They are smiling. They are loving. They are surrounded by family and have so much support from this community. Now they wait.

Those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary. Isaiah 40:31
Teach us Lord, teach us Lord to wait.

God Bless you as you continue your journey to full restoration of health. Thank you Lanny for your gift of life!!!! You are a rare jewel!

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