Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Celebration

The after Prom party this year has a carnival theme...jugglers, strong men, two headed chickens, clowns, lots of cardboard and paint....Have I told you what we can do with cardboard and paint?

The Prom theme...."Eastern Elegance"

After all of the work involved in the creation of this unforgettable night, I wonder...what happened to my daughter who can't possibly be old enough to wear a formal, have her hair put up, OR have a date with a boy......where have the years gone? I am hanging on to this one, my baby! I am so thankful she still gives me hugs from time to time!

She gained some inspiration for all the decorations being put together in my room, or maybe she has a message in this for her mama...after all this work, I just need some peace!!!

Have a wonderful celebration of the arrival of spring...dresses, makeup, tanning, shoes, hair styles, jewelry, tuxes, cars, decorations, pictures, DJs, flowers, garters, the grand march, the banquet, the after prom least a million dollars.

A night of safe, wholesome fun that will make memories for a lifetime....priceless!
Make it fun...make it to arrive!


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Love that picture of mama and daughter. Priceless, truly.


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