Saturday, May 29, 2010

Remember Me (not a problem)

She brings the pail of water and the rags, and she stores the flowers and flags for all of us...and she honors our loved ones each year. She goes from town to town to town, still caring for those who have gone on before. She teaches me how to take care of those we love. Mom loved flowers, Dad loved the red, white and blue. She remembers.

Sister Linda teaches her granddaughter not to fear the cemetery, to care for and about this place that holds our loved ones. They talk about Grandma, forever alive in our hearts. Joselyn was very small when Grandma went home, but she remembers.....

We take our grandsons to the cemetery too and teach them about death and about new life. They wave up at the sky, to the particulary bright, twinkling stars and say, "Hi, Grandma Nichols! Hi, Grandpa George! Hi Uncle Ryan! Hi Grandpa Jim! Love you!" They know about loss. They know about remembering. They know and will tell you..."Your body goes in the ground, but your heart goes to Jesus".

I drive from place to place. I take pictures. I remember. I share with you.
Remember me...not a problem.

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Annie said...

I love this song by Mark Schultz. I also love driving or walking around our local cemetary. Not only because my grandparents are buried there but also to silently and peacefully be enveloped by the thousands of memories and stories simply told on the gravemarkers and stones. I recently found a very old cemetary nearby tucked down a country lane. It was intriguing but also a bit scary as some the headstones were falling apart. Interesting though...what a wonderful way to pass on those you loved to those who still live...blessings for a great weekend!