Thursday, November 4, 2010

Birthday Boys

Kavian David

So, what were you doing 6 years ago? I hope you don't tire of my grandbaby stories, but seriously, the miracles that they are continue to amaze me. That was the year Dave had a heart attack,I fell and broke my finger and injured my shoulder. I got bursitis and tendonitis and could barely use my arm, and Brandon and Brittany were breaking the news to me about being a Grandma. It really wasn't the plan. It really wasn't the best of times, but it simply was!

When they told me, one lone tear found its way down my right cheek. I always tease my kids that something was wrong with that right eye. It was always the one that "leaked"!!!

I read something later that I regret NOT buying, and I can not quote it exactly or give credit to who wrote it, but it went something like: "When I heard about you, I shed a tear, not because I was upset or mad about it, but because at that moment, I fell in love with you".

A very short time later, I learned that my dear mom had stage 4, inoperable, untreatable, a doctor's worst nightmare cancer. I went about trying to cope with that without falling down each time I put one foot in front of the other.
We soon learned that the one expected baby was actually TWO babies!

I kept going to school, going to soccer games, going to football games, washing clothes sometimes, buying groceries sometimes, cooking sometimes, teaching school some, caring for mom some, and sleeping very little.

We had a wedding. I made and glued and decorated and cut and pasted and hauled and decorated some more for that wedding. That is what I do best. I kept caring for mom and my son and daughter in law and my kids and my classes, and slept even less.
Brittany went into labor at 25 weeks. She stayed in bed in the hospital for 2 weeks. I kept going to school, going to soccer games, going to football games, washing clothes sometimes, buying groceries sometimes, teaching school some, caring for mom more and sleeping even less. I cried out to God for help and relied on my friends for love and support. My church surrounded us with love and support.

Kavian David and Calvin Lee-Prayers were answered!

The boys were born on November 5, 13 weeks early, each a bit over 2 lbs. They were strong. They were fighters. They did have their problems. Calvin was in cardiac arrest several times, Kavian puffed up like a balloon with blood transfusions, and then shrunk down to nothing with lasix. I was there every chance I could get, still trying to handle the load I was already carrying. I became ill. I did not sleep. I did not exercise. I did not eat well. I tried to cope and tried not to cry. I had headaches that were unbearable. I had high blood pressure and I gained 40 lbs. I am 5 ft 2in. tall. That amount of weight is not a good thing on that frame! I didn't care. I didn't notice. I just put something on, never looked in the mirror and tried to get through my life.

Praise God for my healing!
A vivid memory from that time was the day we traveled to the Dome to watch Tyler play in the state football playoffs. It was November 15. Tyler was injured, wrapped up and still in the game. Victory was not in the plan for the game or for my son who was a senior, Brandon was calling me to tell me Calvin was in cardiac arrest, and I was on the phone to my mom. I had missed her last birthday on this earth. She knew I loved her and she knew I could not fit another thing into my schedule. I am sure everyone thought I was taking the loss of a football game pretty seriously to see all the tears. I was very certain that I would not survive losing my mom AND my grandbabies at the same time.

The twins stayed in the hospital for 13 weeks. Mom celebrated each ounce and milestone with me. I showed her all the pictures I was taking. She marveled at their strength and their gains. They came home on January 29. She smiled and held them, talked about babies for the next two days and she went to meet Jesus on Feburary 3. I praise God for her complete healing, not by my choice, but HIS! I like to think she has the job of rocking all kinds of potatoes to peel, no diapers to wash, no water to pump, no fires to make, no scraping for each dime to take care of her family, no pain. She can now just relax and rock babies!!!
What a glorious job that is and wonderful vision for me!

Mom got up from her chair, said, "Where do you want me?" She sat down and held out both arms for the babies. She was beaming!

JOY x 2!


One thing I can sum up about Life.........................It does go on!

God is Good....all the time. All the time....God is Good!
I made it through the fire! I am not sure what I did to make God smile on me THIS MUCH, but "when it comes to blessings, I'm richer than most"!

Birthday Blessings to these two boys who have brought me so much JOY!

Happy Birthday Calvin and Kavian. Love you forever, Grandma Carol


darese said...

Happy Birthday to the little miracles!
Love Darese and Tom

Jo-Ann said...

I just came across your site and share in your joy of miracles as I too have a granddaughter "miracle" who was born two years ago 24 weeks 6 days early weighing 1 lb 8 oz. She fought, we prayed, and God answered -- she is a healthy happy little girl today -- it was even more of a blessing as our first granddaughter went to be with Jesus just after 10 hours of life, also being born prematurely to the same mother, our daughter. You can see her (Ruby) here:

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

What beautiful, precious miracles. This brought me to tears, and I felt like I was there with you at that football game. What a path to walk...all of that crashing in on you at once. God's grace is certainly evident as you continue to praise Him and share about the joy He gives.

I thought of my own mother and all that we walked through together. My twins story had a different ending, but they too were born at close to 27 weeks. And, my mother walked through that pregnancy with me. They were healed not by my choosing, but by you said about your mother. I suppose both earthly and heavenly healing are miracles...and both are beautiful in His sight.

Love to you...