Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tickled Pink

We met some old friends,

and made some new ones.

We heard from artists and TV personalities.

We ate and drank together while immersing ourselves in art,

We saw paintings, drawings, pottery, sculpture, photography and jewelry....

we shared stories, with a few hugs and tears,

and we saw some new fashions.

We watched a parade of pink, knowing that these lovely ladies were not only modeling some very interesting styles, they were also modeling their struggles, their journey, their strength and their survival. We took part in a celebration of life, dressed in pink, sporting new and different confidences, perhaps with new and different body parts, new and different clothing styles, but we celebrated together in grand style at "Paint The Night Pink".

It was an amazing night of art and fashion to support local cancer patients and their families. All funds raised are use to support services and programs offered through Avera Cancer Institute.

2010 Paint the Night Pink Art Showcase & Fashion Show featured:

  • Works of art from regional artists, designers, sculptors & photographers

  • The latest fashions from Hip Chic

  • Cuisine from Chef Dominique's Catering & Banquet Facility

  • Beverages provided by Republic National Distributing Company

I am honored to have been chosen to enter a few of my pieces in this event. There were approximately 100 pieces of art on display and the goal for attendance was about 300 guests. It was a wonderful night for fund raising for such a worthy cause. I am so blessed at what I was able to witness. I have some plans in mind for what I would like to work on for next year as I definitely plan to attend again.


The following is my artistic statement:

It is my belief that artwork can help the journey to healing. The artist cannot know who he will reach with his work. The artist cannot know what his work may mean to those awaiting treatment, those who are being treated, cured, healed, renewed, and those who are suffering fear, loss or sorrow. The artist can only create, offering what they can to the journey. We can each walk through life without seeing, without looking at the details, the words, the colors, the pictures….or we can stop a while and look, listen, reflect and enjoy. I believe that through my paintings and photos, one can travel more easily through “life’s transformations” with grace. One can use art images to express their own thoughts, observations, and emotions through a visual language of color, texture, form and light. Pictures touch human behavior, physical needs, sociological dynamics….how we make ourselves comfortable and can be comforted.


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Did I see Eyob Mergia art there???

Big fan ...

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Yikes ... I hit publish too fast. I want to congratulate you on your pieces in the show, Carol.

I'm a big fan of you, too!

Love you.

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