Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Street Life

The prompt this week at:


asks us to look at and share STREET LIFE!

I live in NW Iowa in the middle of nowhere and the street is actually a highway that passes by the school where I teach.

Our "Streets" may take us to abandoned bridges.

Our roads may take us to bus stops in the middle of the country,

next to parking lots used to play games,

down paths on golf carts,

near beautiful buildings one can see from the street,

through neighborhood parks,

and near photo opportunities when we arrive and use our eyes to see!

Make a joyful noise to the Lord
All the earth
Make a joyful noise to the Lord
All the earth

The flowers of the field
Are cry'n to be heard

The trees of the forest
Are singing

And all of the mountains
With one voice
Are joining the chorus of this world

And I will not be silent
I will not be quiet anymore

I am most in love with this family of musicians making a "joyful noise" I found as I was pounding the pavement at Drake University.

I am so excited for the day when all will join in and sing!
These words come from Make a Joyful Noise/I will not be Silent by the David Crowder Band.

Running through the forest
Dive into the lake
Bare feet on beaches white
Standing in the canyon
Painted hills around
The wind against my skin
Every ocean
Every sea
Every river
Every stream
Every mountain
Every tree
Every blade of grass will sing

We are so very blessed!

Make a joyful noise!


Kelly Langner Sauer said...

I just love that top photo - terrific perspective!

Thank you for linking up with Three!

Jessaca said...

what a great set of photos!!! I agree with Kelly I love the first photo and the sixth one is AWSOME!!!

Amy in Peru said...

:) fun to find where you're from... we have spent some years in Iowa, and will probably be back there early next year! and my uncle lives right near Sioux Falls...

wow. small world! :)

amy in peru

sarah said...

lots of wonderful photos here!!

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the small town, Leeton, MO where I had my first teaching contract K-12 was 300 kids. I almost wondered if you had the statues in the small town, but I see it was a University.


Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

Beautiful photos! I like the perspective of the first two as well but I enjoyed seeing your town. You made me feel as if I lived there or at least had visited.
Enjoyed your post.

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

i appreciate the street life represented by the children and school bus - a familiar scene for me as well :)