Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Beginning

Goodbye Preschool!

Hello Kindergarten!

The prompt this week over at 3 from here and there is "Storytelling". Select the #3 above to see what is going on over there!
Today, I am simply sharing my wonderful story with you! These boys....born at 2 lbs. 3 oz. and 2 lbs. 14 oz. are reading!!! How amazing!


Amy said...

what a precious and beautiful story to share! amazing indeed!! those last 3 walking away, fading shots of 'goodbye preschool' - *sigh* very creative! they illicit strong emotions...a mix of excitement and bittersweet joy! well done!

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

Lovely storytelling!
thx for sharing...

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

They grow up sooo fast! Is that first photo the grandchild at birth~and now entering kindergarten? Oh My!
Nice work, Carol.


paper roads said...

Great story!!