Monday, September 27, 2010

He Knows My Name

We were there to be His hands and His feet.

I met a woman with 8 children and 18 grandchildren and 34 great grandchildren, yet she came for a meal and perhaps some company as she was all alone.

I met a man who walked 40 minutes for this hot meal. His only form of transportation is a bicycle, but he lives on an upper floor and his bike is too heavy to carry up and down, so he walks.

I met a man who had been badly injured in a motorcycle accident but just kept on keeping on.

I met a family, new to town, with 5 precious babies, the smallest just 8 days old, no home, no food, but big smiles and excitement at starting school soon, and hope with a new job.

I met a volunteer who called each of the "regulars" by name, down on their luck, but most with big smiles for the greeters.

I met so many people tonight. I didn't get to know all their names, but He knows.

He knows each and every one of them. He knows that they can come here to be fed.

We wore name tags so the guests could call us by name. Some really searched out that name tag and would carefully say....."Thank You, Carol"! I collected the names at the end of the night to write them on my heart. What a wonderful group of Christian friends I have! I know their names, and name tag or not, He knows my name.

He said, "Carol, I need you to help tonight"

He knows my heart.

He knew it would be a blessing for me.

He knows my every thought.

He knew I was not busy tonight

He hears me when I call.

He heard our prayers to allow us to be of service.

He calls me His own.

He said, "You are mine"

He'll never leave me, no matter where I go.

He called me to be His hands and feet, He gently nudged me, I answered, and I am the one who was fed tonight! Amazing!


janelle said...

My heart starts beating fast when I read something like this. When we serve we think we are the one giving the blessing - and we probably are; but really, we receive much more of a blessing than we give! Praying Carol, that the blessing continues to multiply.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Carol, You truly are a blessing, so giving to others. I agree, too, with Janelle, who speaks truth to the fact that when we bless others we are blessed in return.