Friday, September 3, 2010

My Sisters, My Friends

l to r- Ginny, Kristy, Mom, Linda, Carol, Susan
"Good friends are we, my sisters and me!"

Linda- helper, healer, "little mother", friend-

Susie- long distance companion, FB lifeline, beauty consultant, friend-
Ginny - helper, healer, peace maker, host, friend-
Kristy - joy, voice of youth, eternal optimist, friend
There's my Linda, always looking after the little ones!
l to r-Susan,Ginny, Carol, Linda, Kristy
20 years ago-
l to r-Carol, Linda, Kristy, Susan, Ginny
I have an enormous circle of friends and I am so very blessed!

I have my school friends, my church friends, my high school friends, my college friends, my neighbor friends, my community friends, my email and facebook friends, and I even have my blogger friends!

While I do not wish to diminish the importance of all of these friends, I do have this amazing, incredible circle of lifelong friends.
We grew up together, we ate together, we slept together, we wept together, we went to school and church together, we sang together, we played together, we prayed together, we stayed together in plenty and in want. We are together still, and although miles may separate us, and the busyness of our lives keeps us going in all directions, we are always together in heart, mind and strength. We are so blessed to come together as often as we can and have the special times we call our "sisters parties". We always included Mom as one of the sisters, and there is a great void when we come together, but we always remember to give thanks to Mom for giving us this incredible blessing and teaching us about love and family and forever.

My Sisters.....My Friends-
I am blessed to call you mine.
I love you forever!

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Anonymous said...

Hey--I am one of the sisters and I am proud of each of them! Today I visited another side of my family and they were dwelling on the deaths and physical ailments of their siblings. I too choose JOY and will not discount those unfortunate but realistic events of life, but rather "choose" to focus on the strenghts that life has given each of us. We do not "endure", we embrace; we do not "worry", we take one day at a time according to God's mercy and grace. (As my daugher would say, "Peace Out!")Ginny C