Thursday, September 29, 2011

Laughing AT MYSELF!

Today is the day.....I am so excited. I have been going through the process for 9 months. In all actuality, it began 35 years ago with an abcessed front tooth, a root canal, an ill fitting crown which did not match as well as it could have, and I knocked into it every time I bit into something. 25 years ago, that very tooth was knocked out when I was accidentally hit in the mouth. 25 years of bridges worked quite well, but have taken their fair share of abuse. When the bridges no longer worked, I chose dental implants.

I had two more front teeth removed for Christmas last year. The song, "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" took on a whole new meaning for me last year! Since then, I have been pulled, cut, sewn, iced, medicated, scanned, drilled, grafted, implanted, prepped, AND shot MANY TIMES. I now own several titanium rods, AND have even had my papilla lasered!!! Who knew????

At the beginning, I hid my mouth, I tried not to smile so much, and had a hard time eating in front of anyone. As I got more used to this whole process, I began to not only laugh WITH myself, but to laugh AT myself. I believe all of my students have seen my videos, and they have been passed around to some of the teachers as well. My next plan to to post it on YouTube so my students from last year can have a laugh on me as a break from their college studies. I thought I may as well embrace it and enjoy the journey!!! Some of my senior art students thought it would be very funny if I would go into a store, without my teeth and ask an employee, "Could you tell me where the cereal isle is?" The S sound evidently was quite hysterical!!! I learned to make movies on Photo Booth and had a great time making fun of my situation. I have seen the videos over and over and over and can still laugh when I see them! Tara, thank you for always making me laugh! Love you! I will let you know when I have them posted to You Tube! You will most likely NOT want to miss seeing it!

Today I had 5 new shiny porcelain front teeth forever seated in place. I can no longer take out my teeth and cause uproarious laughter to come from all corners of my classroom. I have never been so excited to pick, to floss, to brush, to thanks for my team today, all the doctors, nurses, AND all of my cheerleaders. For those of you who know me and see me often...can you imagine me now....talking more, laughing more, and singing more? Amazing!!!

In all things, give thanks! Who knew that included TEETH?
Thank you Dr. Lewison and Dr. Schulte for giving me back my smile!