Sunday, October 11, 2009

Miss Emily

My niece, Emily with her mom, Bobbie, and her dad, Nick. Nick is my brother.

Please pray for my niece, Emily. She is at the Sanford Childrens' Hospital. I was not able to go in to see her as they were trying to let her get all the rest she can. She was so combative and confused yesterday when they took her to the hospital, but not answering them at all and looking with a "deer in the headlights" stare. She had a headache and said she was going to lie down before she ate lunch. Her mom went to check on her and she had gotten sick to her stomach in her bed and was unable to turn her head from it, so they thought at first that was the only problem. After they were unable to get her to respond to them, they took her to the local hospital. They airlifted her to Sioux Falls as Canton Hospital said they would have to run all kinds of tests and then probably send her to Sioux Falls where they would probably run all the tests again anyway. She was airlifted to the Intensive Care Unit at Childrens' Hospital Saturday afternoon.

Spinal Tap looks good, no bacterial infection, no menangitis, no H1N1, tox screen looking for drug or chemical ingestion negative. CT shows no bleeding, no lesions, no tumors, no swelling, no head injury. She was acting like a patient suffering from a head injury and continues to be combative when coming out at all, so she is on morphine in case she is in pain, and hopefully to keep her quiet and let her recover from whatever this is. As she begins to wake up, they will continue to monitor her responses and pain and agitation and see if she can manage without the morphine. They are saying PROBABLE diagnosis as Acute Confusionary Migraine. Now to rule out any need for meds, and figure out just what kind of meds to give her if it is a migraine-pretty scarey stuff for a 10 year old.

Keep on praying for this little one and her mama and daddy. Her grandpa drove straight through from Kentucky. I know the love of a grandparent. I am so blessed.

This sculpture is a depiction of Denny Sanford and his grandchildren as a symbol of his love of children and his committment to help them have the best life possible.
They have some amazing artwork in this facility-all for the love of children!

My grandsons went along to offer their support to their cousin, Emily and their Uncle Nick. We have talked about it in church that if anyone asks for or is in need of your prayers, you should stop and do it immediately. How many times have you said, "I'll pray for you", only to get busy and fail to do what you said you would do? My class of 4 year olds, including my Grandsons, stopped, folded our hands and prayed for her in Sunday School today . The lesson for the day was, "Be kind to others" and they thought that they could be kind to Emily by coloring some pictures for her room. Emily became the recipient of the lesson! Amazing little 4 year olds.

An awesome facility committed to caring for children. In the lobby, the words:

"To invest in the health and well-being of children is to seek the greatest possible return that any of us can hope to achieve. -Denny Sanford

Pray with me that the answers will come and that this little girl who hugs and kisses me and says, "I love you", each and every time we meet at school, will be restored to complete health. Amen


Diane said...

So scary but at least the tests are narrowing the possibilities. She's been on my mind today with continued prayers. Sending support to Emily and all her family members, including you!

Carol said...

Thank you Diane. I can always count on you to be there!

Deborah Ann said...

I will pray for your sweet little granddaughter. What an ordeal for her to go through! I pray they find the cause of this - and soon!

Debilou~Mississippi Mama said...

That is so scary. I'm praying for Emily and her parents. Please keep us informed.